Oh, You Know!

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Job 19:25

You know that saying “the patience of Job”?

I don’t feel (most of the time) that I belong in that club. I don’t consider myself a very patient person. I have probably failed in this category too many times.

I like to get to the point, fix the problem, figure it out and move on. Beating around the bush is not my forte. Get with the program is more like it!

But…in reading this passage today I realized that just because I have feelings during those trials that I seem to fail at, doesn’t mean I’m not patient.

I don’t know of anyone who takes problems initially with a smile. They choose that. And sometimes it takes me longer to remember, but eventually I know that God has it under control and clearly, I don’t!

Job,by this point has been through things that my mind can not fathom. His friends who came to comfort him, only bring him more pain. I don’t think they intended to do that, but they did.

Job is hurt and he is broken. He is sick and alone. He not only is suffering mentaly, physically and spiritually. He now has to explain to his friends that their thinking and words are wrong.

In all of his suffering, he pushes through and declares that he knows that his redeemer lives! That’s the key.

When we are stuck in the mud, we can still know!

Thoughts may cross our minds if He will, but we can know that He can! He can rescue us. He can turn it all around. He can wipe it all away. He can make a way.

We don’t know His plan, but when we realize in the midst of our circumstance that we have mighty God for us, we can know that His plan will prosper. Even if it means we have to sit in the mud a little bit longer.

I don’t have the patience of Job, but I have God. He doesn’t let me go too long without reminding me how great He is.

So, like Job here, when the world is upside down. When you can’t feel God like you once did. When you hurt, when you mourn, when you’re sick and would rather die than be where you are. You have to KNOW that your redeemer lives!

He has seen you through before and He will see you through again!

We have to push through those thoughts and know that He will redeem you.

It is not over, you are not done. Know. Be still and know! (Psalm 46:10)


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