Another Brick In The Wall

Nehemiah 12:43

Also that day they offered great sacrafices,and rejoiced:for God had made them rejoice with great joy:the wives also and the children rejoiced: so that the joy of Jerusalem was heard even afar off.

What am I offering as a great sacrifice? What am I giving up? No, I don’t live the lifestyle I used to, but I don’t really desire to either. Yes, it would be easy to drink and party my worries away, but where is the true joy in that?

I’ve felt true joy that only comes from the Lord! That is what I want more of. Not something to temporarily numb my feelings.

Do I rejoice like I should?

Probably not, but I want to. I try to and I fail. I grumble when I have so many things to rejoice about. He always forgives me. Always!

God made Jerusalem rejoice with great joy, so their joy was heard far off.

Can you hear me rejoice? That is what makes non believers or unsaved souls think twice. When they know who we used to be, or what we’ve been through. They’ve seen our walls destroyed and rebuilt, and rejoice in the Lord.

We have so much to praise Him for. I don’t praise Him nearly enough. But I do hope that someone afar can hear me when I do. That they know that even when things seem destroyed and in ruin, that He rebuilds and restores. That it happens when we turn to Him and stop trying to rebuild and restore in our own strength. It won’t stand, even in our best efforts.

God sent Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem for His glory. Let Him work like only He can and rebuild yours too. So when you rejoice, it will be heard afar.


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