He Is Just That Good!

Let me just tell you how good my God is. (and yours)

A mama, (me) is strugglin. 4 kids to buy for and it’s now 5 days until Christmas. I know it’s not about gifts and I don’t want to get into all of that, but my children know now that their father and I are responsible for Santa.

So, Christmas snuck up on me again this year and my plan to get a head start failed yet again. Birthdays and car payments and groceries just sometimes take the wheel and the next thing I know I’m 5 days to go in this thing and the wallet is tight!

Lord knows, I didn’t do all the right things. I’m sure they didn’t need all of the things we purchased, but here I am down to the last gift to wrap. Kids get out of school for the day in an hour and tomorrow is a half day, so it’s now or never.

Thankful I’m done and everything is even, the pressure off. Amazon has been on point and all is well, except I’m running out of wrapping paper. I’ve used all the bags, and the boxes. So, I’m wondering if I’m really gonna have to make a pit stop at the dollar tree to get wrapping paper.

Bless the Lord, In want you to know that as I wraped that very last gift it was the exact amount of paper I needed. Exact!

Tell me that is not God! Yes, that is my sweet Jesus, who knew my little heart would be weart if I had to tred out in this rain for a $1.00 roll of paper for 1 gift.

He is so good to me. Think I’m crazy if you want to, but He gave me just enough. He always gives me just enough to get it done, no matter what it is. I love Him so much for that.

He is more than enough and I don’t even begin to deserve His goodness towards me, but I thank Him that He does offer me grace and mercy by the truckloads.

Thank You Lord for that wrapping paper being just enough. Thank You for always giving me what I need and never giving up on me.


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