Smelling The Roses

My girl has it right. Her teacher sent me a message today that I needed.

They were writing what they were thankful for today on their desks, and my girl wrote how she was thankful for God.

She’s at school y’all. Public school at that, where they can’t pray out loud or talk about God openly during teaching time.

I’m thankful that we are probably the only school around here that lets things slide like that. Yesterday they had a fundraiser color run at the school, and the PE teacher was loudly playing Jesus music within his mix of upbeat songs to keep the kids in the zone. It was awesome.

She touched her teacher with this message and here I was at home this morning crying out to God because I feel like I just can’t seem to get what He is wanting for me.

Fighting a spiritual battle on a daily basis because whatever it is, the devil doesn’t want me to do it. Just trying to figure it all out, when my girl is simply stating her fact.

“Without Him, I wouldn’t be here.”

I asked God to smack me in the face with whatever He wanted me to do. Because I am a Gideon if there ever was one. (Judges 6) I love Gideon. I know I’ve said the same thing about David, but it’s true.

This morning, feeling like I’m fighting a losing battle (don’t even ask me what the battle is, cause I don’t know) I started my reading in Judges and Gideon’s story is there to comfort me.

Although Gideon is looked down on by some for asking multiple times for a sign from God when he clearly got the first one, and the second…I’m in that club.

I don’t want to disobey God. I want to get it right when He asks me to do something. I want to know without a shadow of a doubt that it is Him that wants this, and not myself or the enemy trying to trick me.

Gideon wanted to make sure too and God knew that. He knew Gideon would need that. When Gideon asked one last time for that last sign from God, he apologized and asked God not to be angry because of it.

God gave it to him. God gave it to me. When I asked Him to show me what He wants me to do, nothing happened. I went to the grocery store and forgot my phone. Just going on about my normal day and I got a message from my child’s teacher with the picture above attached. Saying how she loved how unafraid and unashamed she was and it smacked me in the face.

I’m doing what He is asking of me. I’m raising my children to know who He is to the best of my abilty. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. He has me exactly where He wants me. While I’m so busy trying to figure out what’s next. I’m missing out on what is here now.

My days arent filles with sunshine and roses, but I do see and the sunshine and when things happen like today, I smell the roses.


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