Whatever It Takes

Repentance. Often screamed at and to us by preachers and teachers with passion. They tell us we are sinners ( which we are). That if we don’t repent , we will go to hell.( which we will)

They aren’t screaming at us because they are angry. They don’t scream because they look down on us in judgment. At least the ones called to preach from God don’t.

They do it because of the passion inside of them. The desire to show and tell others through the Word what freedom true repentance brings.

I didn’t always understand repentance. Confessing my sins and being or feeling sorry because of them. I understood that part. I did that part, but still felt like crap. Still angry, still hurt, still burdened. That is not repentance.

Paul writes and explains to the Corinthian church that he was glad they were sorry for their sins. (2 Corinthians 7:9-10) He had written a previous letter to them; telling them they were living in sin. That it was wrong.

He also told them how they should be living. He told them there was another way. The way they should be living. He pointed them in the way which they should go. The way of Jesus.

It worked. He didn’t scream to get their attention. It takes someone passionately screaming at or to us for some of us to actually get it.

He simply wrote to them. Sometimes that is what it takes. Sometimes it is a gentle voice that it takes to lead us to repentance. God will do what it takes to lead us back to Him.

Repentance equals freedom. Even though you feel guilty and ashamed. It doesn’t leave those feelings there. We can confess and feel horrible, yet we still hold on to that sorrow and regret. This is worldly sorrow. ( 2 Cor 7:10)

True repentance is letting God have the feelings that are associated with that sin. In return; God removes the guilt and shame that have taken root in our souls and replaces them with His love.

The void that the sin leaves inside of us, the sin the devil tells us that is to great to heal. He tells us that it is to ugly to cover or make-up. Too broken to repair. That space inside of us where that sin resides only creates a larger space for Gods love to grow.

His love for us replaces all of it. Then we become more like Him. Although, we will always sin here on earth. We will obtain more and more of His love, mercy and grace. We then will choose less and less sin.

Repentance is gentle and healing. Worldly sorrow produces guilt and shame, to the point we add more sin. We sin to try and cover the sin we haven’t truly repented of.

We have to cover it with the blood of Jesus. Then, when the enemy tries to tell us how horrible we are. We plead the blood of Jesus on that old sin and claim the victory of Jesus.

The devil can’t use that sin against us because it isn’t there anymore. He can’t touch it.He just wants us to think its there. He wants us to believe he can still use it against us. He can’t because Jesus is there instead.

The enemy wants us to feel the condemnation when those preachers poor their hearts out so hard and scream at us to repent. He wants us to get angry and accuse others of being judgemental when through the love of God, they tell us we are living in sin. That our actions or behavior is wrong.

The truth is; we (as Christians),want others to know true repentance. We may or may not say all the right things in all the right ways. We have to remember that if someone in love and in a godly manner telling or showing us (not condemning us). That our sin is leading us to death. We need to listen.

We want you to be free from that sin and shame.

We want to be free from that sin and shame ourselves.

We need to lovingly tell others about repentance and let God do His thing. We need to listen to those who lovingly tell us to repent.

Whether it’s by a whisper or a screamed message, we need to repent. Then let the Lord cover it all with the blood of Jesus.


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