When You Just Don’t Fit In

You know that feeling that you get when you are trying your best but you still just don’t quite feel like you fit in? Not faking your way to fit in, but maybe kind of looked over in a way? Like maybe you are in between stages of life and haven’t quite found your place? That’s where the Lord lead me in my reading this morning. To that place.

Even to them will I give in my house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters;I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.”(KJV)

I’m reading Isaiah and so much of it is hard to grasp without doing research about all that has happened already from Isaiah’s prophesies. Some of it is still relatable and yet to come. It’s pretty amazing how things that have already passed are yet to come all in the same scripture. It doesn’t get any deeper than that does it? I guess that gives us proof when God says His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Boy am I glad of that!

In Isaiah 56:5 the Lord put on my heart to write about this particular verse. Maybe someone needs this reminder. Maybe someone you know needs to hear this. Maybe the Lord is just wanting me to be obedient. Nevertheless, I’m here and I hope it brings comfort. It did me.

Although the verse is referring to the eunuch’s whom were more like the outcast among them. They weren’t allowed to worship in the temple. They were looked upon as unclean or blemished because they were different from everyone else. Some may have been born different. Some may have had horrible things happen to them. Whatever the case, they didn’t fit in. God calls them out in the previous verse and tells them that if they follow Him and obey Him, He will see that they are taken care of.

How many of us have felt outcast? I know specifically I never fit in. I was fat and in my mind at the time that meant that I may not ever be truly loved by anyone. People frowned on it. Yes, some do now still,but not like it used to be. But how about those who are too skinny? There are some that hate to look so “small”. Especially boys who weren’t made from the Lumberjack mold. I’m sure it’s not too comfortable to see your friends growing taller and more muscular.

How about the nerdy people who are so smart they have no common sense? Ones who become neurosurgeons and amazing inventors and such. It’s hard to connect with people like that whom may have a social issue and is hard to connect with their peers. The ones who grew up with no money and all your friends got brand new things for christmas that you could only dream of? Its a crappy feeling.

These are just examples of the feeling you get when you don’t fit in, but as we get older and we realize that God is our only refuge we start changing things. For me, I wasn’t necessarily “bad” but I had some changing to do for sure. I didn’t quite know where to start so I started going to church. It couldn’t hurt right? I wasn’t quite the “churchy” type.

I grew up in church but wasn’t quite bonded with the church and that wasn’t an easy task for me. I joined the church like I was supposed to but that really didn’t make me feel joined if that makes sense. I was still sinning up a storm while attending church on Sunday mornings. Maybe I didn’t go about it right but I was trying. Thank You Lord for not giving up on me!

The eunuchs were trying too and God wanted them to know that He would honor that. I was trying (and failing a lot) but God honored that and didn’t give up on me. I kept at it because in my heart I knew there was something more than what I was doing and He was my only hope. I’m sure you know how that is.

We may not be eunuchs but we have a past that may have given us some labels that arent’ very “churchy”. Sometimes we forget as Christians who we used to be and can look down on those who are just starting their journey. We are awful people, you know it? I can’t recall anyone in my church making me feel like an outcast. I did that all on my own with the ugly thoughts I had about myself. The only incident I had,was someone whom my children’s father had cheated on me with didn’t want to sit on the same pew as I. Like I had been the one wrong in the situation. I was over that part. I mean, she wasn’t my favorite person on the planet but I looked past it and I was at church because I needed Jesus and whomever happened to be there was just there. I wasn’t there for any other reason than I needed help and He was the only chance I had.

The Lord knew that. If you aren’t quite fitting in on your journey with the Lord right now, He see’s your heart and He knows your intentions. Although you many not feel welcome, or maybe someone has told you that you weren’t welcome but If you are truly walking with the  Lord and following His ways, then they are the wrong ones in the situation. Saved is saved honey, we all fall short, we all sin. The world may have slapped a label on you, but the Lord has a place for You in His house. In His place of worship. He has a place just for you.

What about the ones who have those labels that aren’t easily looked over like the eunuchs?  The labels that follow you your whole life. Who the world even sometimes looks down upon? Maybe a murderer, a sex offender, homosexual, thief., junkie, low life, adulterer. Those are heavy labels. Much more than just being fat or skinny, short or too tall. Those are heavy ones that don’t just rub off. You can’t go back and change it like you can diet and lose weight. You have to fit in society with those labels and that isn’t easy.

The Lord want’s you to know that you too are welcome. No matter the name you are labeled with. The scripture says that He has a name for you that is better than of sons and daughters. A name that is everlasting and will never be destroyed or cut  off. Did you hear that? He has a name. No matter the name you had or may have until the day you die. He has a name for you and it’s quite beautiful. It’s indestructible and will last forever. His name.

That’s comforting isn’t it? That His name overpowers any other name. That the name He has for us is everlasting. How beautiful that feels. Let that sink in for a minute. He has a name for you and it will never be destroyed. Don’t walk in the name that your past has put on you. I know it’s hard. I know it is in your face every single day and the devil is going to put it on you every chance he can get because he doesn’t want you walking in the name the Lord has for you. He doesn’t want you to find comfort in His house and within His walls.

Keep going. Even on the days you mess it up and let the labels get the best of you, He is there in that house of His just waiting for you to remember that You have a place there with Him. He is waiting for you to remember that no matter what, His name matters. The world can call you whatever they want and some christians may call you the same, but the Lord will show them as well because they too are walking the same journey. His journey.

So go to His house and sit within His walls.  Let His name for you be what matters most. Let Him comfort you as you walk and know that it will never change. He accepts you just as you are and He knows what is in your heart.

Lord, Thank You for Your word that brings comfort. I pray that you be with each person reading this. Comfort their hearts as the world can feel really heavy sometimes with all the names some of our choices have given us. Helps us remember that we are welcome in Your house and Your name for us is everlasting. Give them strength to continue on their journey  with You and following Your will for their lives. Help me stay close to You and remember my name You have given me. Thank You for never giving up on us. 

In Jesus name I pray, amen







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