Such Foolishness

I skimmed across a video of a Pastor that I follow on social media yesterday. I actually didn’t even watch the video, but the comments caught my eye. He was outside in this video with a rainbow in the background and the title of the message was explained what the rainbow represents.

Of course we all who know the story of Noah’s Arc,and how God flooded the world to rid it of the horrible sin that the people were refusing to change. Sounds a bit like these days doesn’t it?

Well, I just looked at a few comments that were under it and was floored at how cruel these grown people were about this rainbow video. How they laughed at this pastor as he spoke the Word.

They told him( there were more negative than positive)he was a joke. That we “Christians” were living a fairytale. That if He were so loving and kind we should look into a childs eyes who has cancer and tell them that.

That He gave them cancer because He loves them. I was shocked at their bitterness. I mean, I know there are many non believers out there, but I guess I just hadn’t witnessed it in this light before. Over a rainbow video.

Several of them used science to define the rainbow. Ok. I’ve heard that before, but to downright belittle him for this was just appalling. If they didn’t like it, why didn’t they just pass on by like the 8,000 things I pass by on social media. Skip it dude!

I don’t care what people had for breakfast. I don’t care to read the same jokes for the 300th time. I’ll look at the occasional video or photos and go on about my business. Why must people be so ugly? No need in all that. Scroll on down if you are offended by the rainbow! But why look at it if they aren’t curious?

Maybe they are downright evil, who knows. But something is sparked there and they just had to put in their ” wise” two cents.

I was reading my bible this morning and it made me think of this video as I read 1 Corinthians 1. Paul writes this letter to the church of Corinth but it is also to us.

That pastor was preaching as he was called to do. He told us believers of the well known story because we need to be reminded of what God has done. He was telling it to those who may have never heard the story, so they will know that God keeps His promises. Every one of them!

If those people who bashed the rainbows significance chose to dismiss the message as foolish, guess what?! That’s scripture too. They don’t get it though. They can’t see it. Or is it they don’t want to?

My heart hurt for those people lastnight. I looked at their profiles and they live ordinary lives as from what you can tell on social media. How accurate is that?! I prayed for their souls. That they would open their eyes to see and accept such foolishness.

We’re gonna keep on preaching and teaching Christ. People don’t have to like the Truth. It’s quite normal to dislike it. It’s not what feels good, but it’s what’s right. As foolish as it seems to them, God is wiser than men.(V25) It’s through Him that we can even understand it.

Those wise and noble people who dare us to look in a child’s face who has cancer and tell them that God loves them and allowed them to have this horrible disease. As foolish as they feel it is, God’s simplicity and lovely foolish things, He has chosen to shame those wise ones. He has chosen the weak things to shame the mighty things. (V 27) I don’t know about you, but I just love that.

I am a weak one, but He is my strength! The low and hated things of this world God has chosen. And the things that are not, He will bring to an end the things that are.(V28) So keep doing what you are doing.

Keep preaching the foolish things, because thats what makes us wise in His sight. The weak things confound the mighty. So when you are asked to look into a weak child’s eyes who has cancer to tell them God allowed them to have this disease. You can tell them you don’t know why they have it, but that God does love them.

He loves them so much that He chose them to touch the lives of all that know them. If they didn’t have this disease they couldn’t reach the people they reach for the Lord. That God knew how brave they are and how they are changing lives by showing others through their weakness who God is. They can smile because God will not leave them. Just as sure as a rainbow towers over the sky after the rain when the sun shines, He will save them from their sickness and heal them. If not on earth, then healing will come in heaven where they can celebrate the lives they helped change.

If other people’s knowledge can’t accept that, then keep on anyway. They do. They will know the truth and I pray they come to realize it before Jesus comes back. They can deem it foolish if they want to.

They can’t understand it.Truth is hard to swallow. But it sure does feel good once you accept it. Truth doesn’t cause bitterness and anger. It causes acceptance and forgiveness. It causes growth and maturity. It is peaceful and welcoming, even though it hurts.

If they don’t want any part of that, then why bother commenting? If I see someone I know or even I don’t know half naked smoking crack in a video, do I need to comment on their foolishness? Nope. I keep trucking right along. I’d probably say a “foolish” prayer for them and roll on with it.

Foolish or not. I know the Truth. The truth will make you free.


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