Living the Law

I can’t help but think of how things would be if we still had to live by the law that God clearly laid out for His people. There is a lot to it. Yet they are simple things to follow and God clearly lays out each and every thing they were to do and not to do.  Although we aren’t under the law anymore, hasn’t He done that for us too? How do we get it so messed up?

I’m still studying Deuteronomy and Moses repeats himself time and time again. Making sure they know God’s rules. He plainly tells them what to eat and not to eat. He tells them what they can and can not sacrifice for the Lord. If any of them were to be found breaking God’s rules in the place that God freely gave to them. There was a price to pay.

If some of them heard of others worshiping other gods they were to look into it carefully and make sure it was true. (Deut.17:4) If it was true, they were to bring that person (or persons) to the gates. They had to take them to the head of the council and would be stoned. Period. (Deuteronomy 17:5)

Can you imagine? Of all the people in this day and age that worship other things (some unknowingly) besides God, we’d be taking people all day, every day. I’d probably be stoned already. There was once a time that I didn’t realize I wasn’t putting God first in my life. Although I didn’t bow down and worship whatever it was that was first in my life. I know that I put other people before Him. My family, my children, their biological father (the addict). Many things were first in my life years ago. I’d be dead for sure. I’m glad Jesus took that all away and His grace allowed me to learn that very hard lesson. He comes first. Over everything.

It isn’t always easy is it? I don’t have to worry about being stoned, but He sure knows how to whip a girl when she’s out of line. Can I get an amen? I’m grateful for that too. I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t be blessed like I am now. I’d be in a mess. Up the creek without a paddle kinda life. I don’t like that feeling. I remember it well. In my problems now, I carry hope.  My once “doomed” life, isn’t so doomed after all.  I love that feeling. Despair can ruin everything. Even when the light is clear to see at the end of that tunnel. Despair blinds you from seeing it.

Maybe if the threat to be stoned was still there we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in, in this world. I’d be terrified for sure. Would it stop us from sinning like we do? Would it prevent the things we do to each other? Would we be better people because of it? I don’t know that answer. I do know that because Jesus took that away,we can know what grace is. We can see God from a different light than they did. They saw first hand His power. I simply can not imagine a sea splitting so I could walk on dry land to the other side of it. You’d think that would be hard to get over wouldn’t you? They forgot very quickly what all God could do.

We do too. We forget that Jesus took all of that away. We forget that his rules still stand for us for protection. We forget that we could have been stoned once for the things we do. We forget that Jesus paid that price so we can walk free and clear and not pay for it. We will answer for it though and when you stop and think about that; it’s not a fun thought. We don’t stop and think enough. We don’t make decisions based on how we will anser to God for it.  I need to do that more.

I’m thankful that Jesus paid the price for me. He didn’t deserve that. I do. His grace covers me when it shouldn’t. We live under grace instead of the law. How powerful is that? He took away the law for love. I just can’t comprehend it. I can’t live by the law and He knew that. So He made a way for us to be with Him. He’s that good to us. We don’t remember that like we should. I want to remember more. I need to remember more.  Wouldn’t it change things if we did? If we reverenced Him like He deserves to be reveranced? We have a long way to go, but grace will get us there.

Lord, thank You for Jesus. For giving Him up so that we (I) can live with You forever. He didn’t deserve to be punished for the things that I do against You. I deserve that punishment, but You love me enough to not want that for me. You love all of us enough for that. We do not begin to fear You as we should. Thank You for Your grace and mercy that you give us each and every day. We too often forget just how wonderful You truly are. Forgive us for not remembering all that You have done and all that You are going to do. Help us see Your hand in all that is around us. We thank You and we love You. 

In Jesus name-amen




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