Remember (Deuteronomy 8)

We still need the very words that Moses spoke to Israel in the wilderness. It’s easy to forget all the things God has done. We may not have seen a sea parting so I could escape from my enemy. But He’s done some supernatural things for me too. Just to show me who He is. Moses reminds the children of Israel of what He’s done for them time and time again. We need to be reminded too. I need to be reminded, like right now when my 10-year-old is crying because her biscuit is crumbled and her Daddy told her just to eat.Frustration sets in and I wanna scream “stop crying, it’s just a biscuit”, but for whatever reason it’s causing her to get upset. I need patience and understanding. It’s not easy y’all. Not for me anyway. Moses reminded Israel and I need him to remind me too.

That all God’s commandments that he spoke then, still need to be obeyed. So we can live, and multiply and go in and possess the land that God promised those before us. So He can give us all that He has for us. It may not be physical land like it was for them back then, but He’s promised us so many things.(1) I need those things, don’t you? He wants us to have them. We should remember the ways that the Lord has led us. For them it was 40 years in the wilderness. For me it is 36 years in this world. He’s led me to humble me and to prove to me to know what was in my own heart. To change me. (2) He’s known me all along. He could have just made me obedient against my own will. He is God after all. He didn’t though. He wanted us to know what it is like to know Him. To really know His goodness. He watches me stumble and fall. He watches me learn. He celebrates my accomplishments. Like we do our children.

He humbled (and still humbles) me (and you). Some He allows to be hungry. He allowed them to be hungry in the wilderness just so He could feed them in His way. His miraculous way. To teach them (and us) that we can’t just live on food alone. In order to live like we should. Like He created us to, we can live by His Word. Trusting in everything God tells us is how we truly live. (3) I need this reminder. Moses reminded Israel that in those 40 years God led them, their clothes never withered away, nor did they have blisters on their feet. (4) Bless, I got blisters in the first 10 minutes at Carowinds the other week. 40 years? Imagine all that He’s protected us from? We need to consider in our hearts. We need to remember and be reminded that just like our Daddy’s, for some it may be Mama’s, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, neighbors. Whoever it is that we had to get onto us when we went down the wrong road. When we made a bad choice and had to get fussed at or spanked. Just like those who loved us enough to do that for us. God does it to us too. (5) God whips us back into shape too. When we start down that road we shouldn’t be on. Sometimes He wears us out good because we are stubborn and just keep trucking on that road. I’m glad He does though. Coming back home is the best feeling.

So we should keep His commandments and walk in God’s ways and fear (respect) the Lord.(6) He brings us good things, beautiful things,plentiful things we can work with to provide for ourselves and our families. (8) He provides for us. He makes ways available to us so we can feed our families without worry. So we have everything we need. He provides work for us.(9) When we eat and get full we should bless the Lord for all He has given us. We should be thankful. If it weren’t for Him, we wouldn’t have anything at all.(10) It was all promised to Israel. It’s promised to us too.

We have to make sure we don’t forget God by not keeping His commandments.(11) It happens doesn’t it? It’s easy to forget there is a God in control of the whole universe when we are in our tiny part of the world that seems so big. Just trying to have a little fun every now and then and that little sin slips in. Next thing we know we are lost and realizing the Lord is putting a whoopin’ on us to get us to turn around. It happens, and very easily. The devil see’s to that. God doesn’t want us to forget Him. He doesn’t want us to forget all that He has done. Like when we get our belly’s full of all the food He’s for us.  when we live in the houses He’s allowed us to have. (12) When our livestock or our income or careers multiply. When we just keep getting more and more blessed.(13) He doesn’t want us to forget Him in those moments. Those are the good moments. You’d thing we would praise Him in all those things. We don’t always do that do we?

We(sometimes) forget about Him when things are going good. When our hearts are full. When we finally feel “happy”. We forget where we were when He rescued us to begin with. (13) How He led us through our darkest days. When we were under attack from the enemy. When our hearts were lost and longing for something to live for. Something to save us. He saved us from those things. He gave us exactly what we needed when we needed it. He broke those chains that kept us held back for so long. (14-15) He fed Israel with manna. He feeds us today just the same. We were lacking something when He saved us. He gave us what we needed, even what we wanted sometimes. Just to make us see Him. To prove to us His goodness. All that He has for us. (16) He’s God. Why should He have to prove Himself to us? He has the power to control everything. He doesn’t. He’s patient and kind enough to do all that work just so we can see a glimpse of who He is. Bless Him. Lord, I’m sorry for not seeing You all the times you make an effort to show me who You are. Help open my eyes to see You each and every time.

We forget that God is the reason we have all that we have and we claim all the glory for ourselves don’t we?(17) After all, we worked hard for what we have. We deserve the credit? No. God does. We have to remember that. He gives us all the power to work as hard as we do to have those things. To remember all the good He’s promised us from the very beginning.(18) If we don’t remember and give Him the glory for it, and we put other things before Him. We won’t make it. (19) He will see to it that we lose it all. He will take away all the things He’s given us because we chose not to obey Him. We want the glory. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the glory. I don’t want to do that to Him. I want others to see what He’s given me. So they too will want to obey Him so they too can have all that He has for them. We have to remember.

Lord, Thank You. For Your Word that shows me the lengths and depths You go for the ones You love. For guiding me all the days of my life. For all the blessings I have. The ability to do all that You created me for. Help me grow and prosper in all that You have for me. Thank You for saving my soul. For the promises You have for me. For never leaving. I want all that I have to glorify You. Help me to remember all that You are at all times. Especially when You have all the good things You have for me. Be with each person reading this. Help them too stay humble and to remember that You are the reason they have the things they do. We thank You and we love You. In Jesus name-amen


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