There Is A Reason (Deuteronomy 6)

I am reading the book of Deuteronomy right now. It’s good. I used to read the old testament and have no idea how to comprehend it. It’s amazing how the Lord helps you see things you weren’t able to see before. The words never change, we do.  It used to be a jumbled mess of who begot whom. An overwhelming task to figure out who does what, when and why. I always heard that the Lord would speak to me if I read the Bible. It was hard to hear Him speak in the state of mind I used to read it in.

Not that I was in a bad state of mind. I just wasn’t as close to the Lord as I am now. I had to make effort. I had to be determined to read my bible. Whether I understood it or not. I picked a random book and I started to break it down word for word.  It helped. And slowly the Lord opened my eyes to see and my ears to hear. He really does talk to you through His Word.  It’s such a beautiful thing.

In the chapter I read today,I found hope. Hope for my children. Don’t we all worry about our children in this messed up world? With predators lurking around every corner ready to steal them for sex trafficking. Lurking behind a phone screen ready to reel them in. How horrific?  Drugs on every corner. Shootings in schools every other day it seems. It’s hard to raise children. I worry about their future sometimes. What they will have to face. Will I be alive to pray with them through it? Will they face it alone?

Once you let the devil in on that mess, it’s over with. I’m thankful that the Lord holds my future. My children’s future. I don’t have to worry. Even when it tries to creep in. I don’t have to let it. If it weren’t for His Word,  I would probably never leave the house in fear of what is outside waiting to get my children. I don’t have to be afraid though. I have Jesus.

I’m glad that God’s Word is the only thing that stands. In this world, we have nothing else. It’s our responsibility to teach our children about His Word. In chapter 6 of Deuteronomy tells me how important it is. The commandments God gave the children of Israel so long ago by Moses still stands today. Tell me anything else that’s lasted that long? There is a reason He ‘s said all that He’s said. Because He knows the pain it will cause if we go against His commandments. Not only us,but all those around us too. Our sin effects more than just us doesn’t it? Even when we don’t mean for it to.

He doesn’t leave us guessing whether we are following the commandments or not. They are straight forward. We can’t straddle them. Either we do them. Or we don’t. But in doing them He promises us the land that flows with  milk and honey. The same promises He made to Israel, are the same today for us. He went above and beyond for them, as He does us. He loved them, as He loves us. He want’s us to love Him. As we should. How can you not love Him?  I know non believers can’t possibly love Him, but for those of us who do believe. He’s the definition of love. He is the very thing…love.

We are to keep His commands in our hearts.  It’s amazing how easily it is to get off track,but when we have the Lord’s commands on our heart,He doesn’t let us stay gone for too long. He is always there tugging us back. He goes above and beyond to bring us back to safety. To Him. Not only are we to keep them in our hearts, but we are to talk about them to our children. Not just every now and then. All the time. When we are just sitting around the house we should be talking about God. Not that we can’t have other conversations. He should be mentioned though. There are so many opportunities that can be used to tell our kids about the Lord. Just turn on the TV. Commercials have same-sex partners as their advertisements now.  It’s not an easy subject to teach a third grader.  It wasn’t a “normal” thing when I was young. It is now.  Teaching them to be in the world and not of the world with a loving attitude is hard people. Can I get an amen?

Verse 7 tells us to tell our children about God when we are walking out our journey. The good the bad and the ugly. That’s the reality of life isn’t it? We gotta talk about Him to our kids in all seasons. Not just the rough seasons. When we tend to need Him most. We need to tell them about Him when we go to bed at night. Pray with them. Encourage them to pray. When we get up every morning. We need to remind them (and ourselves) that His mercies are new each and every  morning. That we have so much to thank Him for. I have some work to do.  I admit that I dont do this all of the time. It’s hit or miss. I try to talk about Him,but I should be talking so much more. Just talking, not pushing Him on them. Telling them how sweet and loving He is. How much He loves us. All that He’s done for us and for those before us.

He tells us to tie a reminder to our hands to remind us of His commands. I’ve written on my hand before. You gotta do what you gotta do. He knows the world is out there to distract us. He wants us to be reminded of who He is and all He has done. He says to write them on the posts of our homes and on our gates. He wants us to see His Word when we come in and when we go out. It is what will protect us. It covers us. It helps us in ways unexplainable. I need more of that too. He’s not telling us this to make us feel guilty, but because He wants to bless us with all that He has for us by doing so.

He doesn’t want us to get off track because He knows the pain it causes. He wants us to stay close to Him so He can protect us as He fights for us. Instead we try to fight for ourselves and end up feeling defeated, yet He is still there. Ready to bless us again as we come to Him.  It’s all He wants. He wants to give us the good land. He wants to cast off our enemies. So when our children ask us about our lives, we can tell them how God took care of us. How he made a way when we felt like there was no other way.  How he makes us better people. To be more like Jesus.

He commands these things of us because it’s whats best for us. So others can see who He is through us. So our children can see Him. So they can know Him. So they can teach their children about Him. There is a  reason. He is the reason.



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