He Will, Just Hold On

After yesterday’s post about God hiding us; I had to do some serious hiding. I’m telling you, the devil does not like me writing this.  He is all over me. Pray for me please! This girl needs it. The enemy is serious about trying to take us down. Every one of us. Christian or not. He wants us to fall. Hard! I have a fear of falling. No, I don’ want to fall spiritually, but physically falling. I am cautious of every step I take. Not only is it embarrassing if this big girl goes down. It’s gonna hurt too. I’ll pass if possible!! I will defiantly throw out a hip or something.

I was stumbling yesterday. I knew that something wasn’t right. My thoughts kept going haywire. My anxiety through the roof. No matter what I couldn’t stop it. I prayed and prayed and this heavy cloud just kept following me everywhere I went. I’m wondering if it’s been the rain that’s been lingering here for over a week now. I like rain. I like thunderstorms. Just not everyday for a week. I did notice once the clouds broke and sunshine was bursting out some rays, I felt better. I tell my husband I need sunshine in my life. I do!

I felt better this morning. Praising God for it too! The enemy was giving me a run for my money. I chose not to fight him and hide in my Jesus instead. Jesus won! You go Jesus with ya bad self! It’s all You Lord!! The sun is shining this morning and I’m thanking God for it. He knows I need it. I can breathe easier too. Anxiety is no joke people. The devil is all up in it. Anxiety is the devil. It’s of the devil. Only God can fight it.

I read Psalm 145 this morning and knew that I had to write about it. It’s all praise. He deserves every bit of it. If nothing else, I will praise Him to the world through His word for all that He has done for me. Writing is my way of doing that. It helps me if it helps no one else and the devil doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want you to be helped. He doesn’t want me to be helped. He’s such a butt. I’m glad he’s defeated though. God is so good.

Maybe you are struggling like I was yesterday and maybe will be tomorrow. Maybe you need to read this and know that it will get better. That God will  get you through it. You just gotta wait it out. It’s not easy though. It’s not easy at all. Just push through and the clouds will break.  Yes, praise Him in that mess but when it’s over you can praise Him even louder. David wrote this psalm to tell God of His greatness. So just hold on. He will give it to you too.

Lord, Thank You for always, always being there. You know my head gets cloudy and my anxiety takes control. You know the ways the devil tries to get to me. Thank You for letting me hide in You. Thank You for taking such good care of me. I don’t deserve You. Thank You for David’s writings in Your Word. To help me praise You. You deserve the praise and so much more. Lord, I want to bless Your name forever. I want to praise Your name every single day. (1-2)Sometimes it is hard for me and it may be hard for others too. Helps us to praise You even when it is hard. So on the easier days we can praise You even more. You are Great Lord and deserve the praise. So great that Your greatness is unsearchable.(3) We can’t even search for Your greatness it is so great. Thank You! Other generations before me have praised You for all You have done, and generations to come will praise You for Your goodness and Your works.(4)I will tell of Your glory and of Your works.(5)They deserve to be told. Lord when others speak against You, let us speak of Your greatness.(6)Let us remember all that You have done and tell of Your love for us.(7) Lord, You are gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great mercy.(8)You are good to all.Your tender mercies are over all that You do.(9) All of Your works will praise You and all of us who love You.(10) Let us all speak of Your glory and of Your power.(11)You are mighty and full of power greater than anything or anyone.You show us who You are with Your power.(12) With Your grace.You are everlasting, Your kingdom is known forever and You will reign.(13)Lord, you hold us up when we fall and raise us up when we are down.(14) Thank You for Your goodness. You give us all that we need when we need it.(15) You fill the desires of every living thing. (16) Your ways are perfect. Your ways are always good.(17)You are close to us when we call out to You. In truth we can call out to You and You are always there.(18)You save us Lord. You fulfill all of our desires and You hear us when we call to You. You listen to us.(19)You protect and take care of us who love you and you will take care of those against us. Those against You.(20) Lord, let us tell of Your goodness as long as we live so others will know You are more wonderful than anything this world could give us. (21) Thank You for loving me and showing me Your love. Help me express Your love to others in ways they can relate to. Be with each person reading this and hold them up so they too can praise Your Holy Name. 

In Jesus name,amen


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