How Do You Do It? (Psalm 119:9-16)

I’ve been asked that question many times. How do you do it? How do you raise 4 kids? How do you raise twins? How do you take care of 3 babies by yourself? (When I was single) How do you do it? I don’t know how to answer that. I always just say “with lots of tears and prayer”. It’s the truth. I don’t know how I did it. I don’t know how I do it. I don’t have a choice. It has to be done right? You do what you gotta do. I wish I had done it better of course,but I did the best I could. I have regrets. I made many mistakes. I still do.

I don’t want this to be about me though, it is just what I related to when I wrote the title. I read Psalm 119 this morning. It is very long, but very good. It flows so well. I was confused at first by all the different labels it has. After researching it is labeled by the hebrew alphabet. Interesting. I underlined several verses but the one section that stood out to me this morning was labeled under “Beth” (Which happens to be my best friend’s name) Hey Beth!

Verses 9-16 are helpful to me. They answer exactly what we need. Although the psalmist is speaking about a young man in this verse. It applies to us all. I’m sure that doing this at a young age will make life much easier,but for those of us who are stubborn and try to do life on our own terms, although it may be unintentional, things get all messed up. The psalmist asks how can a young man make his way clean?(9) How can this middle-aged woman make her way clean too Jesus?  Ok. I’m not “technically” middle-aged yet. I feel it though. So how does a woman well on her way to 40 make her way clean? (40??? no way!) By keeping God’s word close to my heart. By taking it in. Meditating on it. Memorizing His word. (if my almost 40-year-old brain will allow such)

That’s how we make our ways clean. I sure don’t want my obsaicle course of life to be full of unnecessary dirtiness. I have hard enough time as it is. I am not the athletic type, so anobstical course sets my anxiety on fire and panic mode steps up to plate. I hated field day at school. I am not athletically inclined. I liked the  egg toss and stuff like that. I had a teacher make me do the three-legged race one year with another girl who was overweight like me and just as athleticless (is that a word?) as I . It was a hot mess. I’m sure others don’t remember this as a disaster,but I would have rather buried myself underground and hid the rest of my life than to get up in front of the whole school and show off my big self with another big girl who I hoped with every ounce of me didn’t fall. I do not miss those days. If that race before me had been muddy and nasty on top of that. Ashley would have been sick and probably went to the nurse to avoid the embarrassment.  I made it through the race. (Thank You Lord)  I do admire those who are athletically inclined and take on mud challenges. You are awesome! I though, am not one of you. I will cheer you on from the sidelines!

So, God’s word gets our path’s clean. Like the psalmist in verse 10, we are to seek God with all of our hearts. We have to get in His word and look for what He is telling us. It’s in there. We have to have our hearts in the right place or we aren’t gonna find it. Things get dirty easily and sometimes we don’t even know how. But you wake up and things need to be cleaned up.I have to.I have to look for Him. Lord, don’t let me wander from Your commandments.(10) It is so easy to wander. At least it is for me. I don’t want to wander from Him. Not even for a second,but it is so easy to do.

God’s Word is kept in our hearts for many reason. It can be in our brains, (mine lacks for sure)but in our hearts is where it counts. It is what protects us. It reminds us of who He is. Of all He has done. It keeps us in line with  where He wants us to be. Close to Him. In keeping it in our hearts it keeps us from making those sinful choices. (11) We slip and we choose wrong sometimes. Some intentional and some unintentional, but we do it. None of us are perfect and He knows that,but it still doesn’t feel good to know that we hurt Him does it? Lord, I’m sorry for hurting You. I never mean to hurt You intentionally. Forgive my ignorance and help me choose the path You have for me. Help me keep Your Word close in my heart to remind me of Your will. 

God teaches us the way we should go. He teaches us lessons and His way. (12) I am so thankful for that. His way is truly better than anything I could ever imagine. I just think I know what I want. He knows what I need and that is so much better. He satisfies my soul. He is the only thing that brings true joy to my heart. I can’t thank Him enough for His goodness. I can not rely on any other earthy thing to bring me wholeness. He is the only thing that can and that does.

God is good y’all. Even when things get bad. When they feel bad. He is always there. Always the same. He is peace. He has peace for me. He has peace for you. I have joy because of Him. True joy. Happiness comes and goes,but joy is something far different. Joy is found in Him. Nothing on this earth can compare to Him. No amount of money or riches or fame. Nothing can compare to His presence in my life. (13-14)

I have to meditate on what God has for me. On His word. I have to be still and listen to His voice speaking to me. It is the only thing I can fully trust. (15) In doing so I can find joy in Him. In remembering His mercy. In remembering His grace. In His kindness. In knowing I’m forgiven. In the darkness, He is there. He is the calm in the storm. He is the way. He is the Truth. He is the life. He is the beginning . He is the end. He is the first. He is the last. He is everything. He is in control of everything. His word is the way to make sure I stay right. (16)

When I slip, He will not let me fall. No weapon formed against me will prosper. He will never leave me or forsake me. He is my protection. My rock. My comfort. He is my way. He is the way. He is how you do it. He is how you make it. He is the only option. The answer to everything. He gives strength. He gives hope. He gives us life and a future. He loves us that much. To show us the way to Him. So, you gotta do what you gotta do right? That’s how you do it. You do it with Him!

That’s how I do it. It’s how I try. It’s the only way I can make it here. I am not strong enough to face life without Him. He is how I do it. He is how you do it. He is how we do it!


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