He is There (Psalm 94:17-19)

Don’t you just love how God’s word can give you what you need when you need it? I wasn’t going to write today. I feel like the enemy is trying to distract me. How do you fight it? In God’s Word of course. You do for God what He asks of you. He is fighting for me. The more I trust in Him,the more confidant I am that He is for me. It is that peace within that surpasses all understanding. How did I ever live without this?

Life is just normal life and some days the devil tries to kick you in the guts. He’ll throw in a spirit of fear or a temptation here and there to see if you will take the bait. He’s such a cunning little thing. Makes me sick. I wish he would just leave us alone, don’t you? Not gonna happen though.

Anxiety is a beast. It loves to plant itself in your head and it tries to take over like wildfire.It gets your thought process completely off track. It starts all the “what if’s” and it runs from there. It is of the devil for sure. Anxiety is a very real and very powerful thing. I hope you never have to experience it. For those that are with me on this. It’s a straight up mess. Aren’t you glad that God can get all up in a mess? Love Him!!

I read this psalm yesterday afternoon when the anxiety crept in. Praying wasn’t cutting it. I found this verse and immediately felt comfort. I believe every word of God is true. Verse 19 says that In the multitude of my thoughts within me. Hello! that would be anxiety!! In the many thoughts. I have many thoughts. In those thoughts God’s word tells me that “thy comforts delight my soul”. Isn’t that calming?

God’s comforts delight my soul. Not my head. My head is trying to stir my soul into a frenzy. God’s comforts and compassion and His mercy and His grace bring joy and delight to my soul. I need me some more of that. I sat in that for a while and it helped.Thank You Lord for Your Word. For the comfort You bring to my soul. 

This morning as the anxiety punk tried to work his way through my morning I read the psalm again and the verses before that stuck with me as well. Unless the Lord had been my help,my soul had almost dwelt in silence(17). Wow! If it weren’t for the Lord, my soul would not have reached out for comfort. It would have just sit silently. In verse 18 says that when my foot slipped, God’s mercy held me up. How true is that?!

When my foot slipped. When I started to believe and to fight this anxiety in my own strength God saw it. He held me up from falling into that trap so I could feel my soul calling for His comfort. God You are amazing. How great is Your love for me. Thank You for Your mercy that covers me. For Your Spirit in me that stirs my soul to call for You. Immediately when I went to God’s word,my soul was at rest. No amount of effort I put into fighting that anxiety demon will work. Only God could bring comfort. See. I love Him!!

I needed to write today. For myself. Ineed to remind myself of this. I will probably have to remind myself all day long and I will. I will write it on my heart. I will write it on paper .I will write it on my hand if I have to. (I have done that before). In God’s mercy, we can choose to go to Him for comfort. I’m so thankful for His mercy.

If you are battling anxiety, know you are not alone. There are millions of people who fight it every single day. It is real. It is powerful. God is also real. God is also powerful. More powerful than any thing that tries to bring you down.  (I’m preaching to myself here too) You can have peace within that mess. God is that peace.

In the many thoughts that consume you. That consume me. God, even when I didn’t catch it and fell into the anxiety trap once again. His mercy rescues me. He can rescue you too. His mercy rescues us so we can turn to Him for comfort like He intended us to do to begin with.  It doesn’t mean that the anxiety will go away. It just means that it is stronger and better than anxiety. It means that if we have to use His mercy 800 times a day then our comfort will be there every single time. We just have to turn to it. He is always there.

Lord, thank You for Your word who I need every moment of every day. I often try to fight in my own strength. Forgive me. Thank You for Your mercy that allows me not to fall. For holding me up so I can see that Your word is my comfort. That You are my comfort. Please be with each person who has a battle going on. I pray that they seek You in Your word and let their souls find comfort there. I do not deserve all that You do for me. Thank You for these words to help myself and to help others. You are more wonderful that words can ever express .

In Jesus name,amen






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