Not Just On Sundays

This Psalm is stated as a song for the Sabbath day. The day that we are to reverence the Lord. To make it all about Him. Everything we do should be to honor and glorify Him. Boy am I guilty of not taking a whole entire day to do that. I’m sorry Lord, You deserve that and so much more.

Dang, talk about conviction! I haven’t even started the psalm yet and I see where I don’t take the Sabbath as serious as I should. Although I do go to church on Sundays to worship Him, I have to say that not always in the time between church times do I make it known how good He really is.

The psalmist begins with praising the Lord. He says it is good to give Him thanks.(1) Not just on the Sabbath, but always. I do have so much to thank Him for! He has been so good to me and I deserve

none of it. He thinks I do. He loves me that much. Thank You Lord!

From morning until night we have enough blessings in just one day to tell how much He loves us.(2) Not all of us play instruments for Him (3), but there are ways to tell Him and others just how good He is. I don’t always do that either. Lord, help me be better.

It is Monday afternoon and I’m sitting in the car line to pick up my kids from school while writing this. I worshipped Him yesterday at church and I can do it now too right? With y’all. Lets tell Him how great He is like the writer in this psalm.

Lord, You have blessed me and given me joy. Through the works of Your hands I will suceed.(4) Your works and plans are perfect.(5) My thoughts can not comprehend how you think of me. How You plan everything so perfect like You do. A foolish person doesn’t know, nor understand that when the enemies around us pop up like grass and grow and prosper, that they are the ones who will be destroyed forever.(6-7) But, You Lord, are forever.(8) You can not be shaken. All enemies against You will vanish and the workers of the enemy will be scattered.(9) You have been my strength when I was weak. You have chosen me(10).There are people around me that are against me. They are against You in me.(11) I do not have to worry. You will give me all that I need. You will nourish me and watch me grow.(12-14) Lord, You are perfect. You are my rock, and there is no unrightousness in You. (15) Thank You for Your goodness.Your mercy and grace that You supply us daily. Help each one of us remember that not only on the Sabbath day but on all days that You are good and worthy to be praised. Help us reverence You the way You deserve and intended us to. Let everything that we do he in Your honor. We thank You and love You.

In Jesus name,amen


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