It’s All His (Psalm 90)

When first reading this Psalm there is something about it that is comforting. This is a prayer and it seems to be from Moses. I do like me some Moses. Y’all know I like me some David too.  I like a lot of people in the Bible. I can relate to several of them. None of them were perfect (except Jesus) and it helps to know that we aren’t expected to either. That God can use us even when we are flawed. He doesn’t see us that way. I’m so glad ,aren’t you? That He sees us in a different light than we see ourselves or than others see us.  He’s so good.

Moses was dedicated. He messed up too though,but He knew that God was faithful. He struggled too. Me too Moses!  God was his protection and those who he were leading also. Those before him, God was the place of protection and the one who would rescue them. God is the one who will rescue and protect us and those after us. God is our dwelling place. Period. (1)

God has been God from the start. Before there was even existence on earth. Before any mountain, or any planet. Before any “thing”. There was God.(2) To me that kind of breaks things down a lot. God is the creator of all that is. How do we forget that? I forget that all the time. Lord, help me remember that You are in charge of every.little.thing. 

As I read and study verse 3, I take it as God returning us to dust as he created us. Just think about that for a second. Does that not blow your mind? He replenishes us back to where we started. Yet,our souls and not our bodies live on with Him forever. How do I not remember how powerful He is? The devil is hard at work seeing that we forget isn’t he? Bless it!  God is so above us it’s not even funny. We can’t comprehend it. It’s not possible. A thousand years to God is nothing.(4) It’s like one typical day to us. Wow! not a thousand days, a thousand years!  It’s just chump change to God. So much happens in a thousand years. So much happens in one year doesn’t it? God’s like, “ah, that’s no big deal, just another day”. He’s so cool. I love Him!

We (or I) don’t think about this all the time. Every now and then I will think about it, but mostly life has you busy and even when I study the Bible and read. I don’t see it from this perspective. I’m glad Moses (or whoever wrote it) wrote it. It’s powerful. To see that in retrospect, generation after generation are come and gone in a flash to God.(5-6) He’s so in  control of all of this that it’s just part of the plan. He doesn’t blink an eye at it. We spend so much time stressing over the smallest things and God is over here like “yoo hoo, girl this is noting! I”ve got this. Keep on keeping on”. Lord I have wasted so much time being concerned with things You have already taken care of. Forgive me. I will forget again, remind me. That You have already taken care of it. 

Like Moses explains here, God knows everything. We should be afraid of what will happen if we are not living for God.As they should have been afraid of what was going to happen because they continued to disobey God’s commands. I want nothing to do with God being angry at me. This man thinks of a thousand years as a day. That is scary alone. We gotta get right and stay right. He’s not playing. When it’s done, it’s done. He goes way out of His way to keep us from that too. That’s the bad part. We  just pretend like we know everything. He knows all and will see that it is known by all. (7-8) Thank You for saving me Lord!

Our lives come and go. I dont want to live it disobeying God. I don’t want my life shortened because I rebel against Him. (9) I want it to thrive and flourish. To show others who He is. I want His blessings on my life.I want Him to be pleased with me. Life is full of “stuff” and then it’s over.(10) I don’t want my life to end with God being angry at me. I know you don’t want that either. (11)

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.(12)

Lord help us remember that life is only a moment. Let us use our time wisely and for You.Turn back to us as we have turned against You. We’ve done wrong and we have rebelled against You. We want to serve You. Don’t give up on us.(13) We need Your mercy to get through this life. Your mercy brings us joy and we want our days to be filled with Your presence.(14) Bring gladness where sorrow once was (15) In this world we need to see Your work around us. Let us see it in others and let others see Your work in us.(16) Let Your light be upon us as we serve You and let Your will be done in us (17) 

In Jesus name,amen



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