Joy In The Mornings

Let me start off by telling you that I am not joyful in the mornings. Don’t let the title fool you. I don’t like mornings. I like my sleep. I like my warm cozy bed and taking those covers off aren’t my favorite thing to do. I’m a ‘give me some coffee and be quiet until I’m ready’ kind of lady in the mornings. My patience has to build and if it starts off a ruckus, then I usually fly off sooner than I want to. I don’t particularly like this part of my personality, but I will embrace it. It is what it is.

I’ve gotten much better since I had kids. They are all early birds and wake up with only a little grump at times. I used to live for the weekends so I could sleep until 10 o’clock. Now, sleeping late is 8 o’clock and anything later than that I feel off schedule.  I do enjoy that part.  I’m good with 8 am.

Out of four kids, there is usually a problem or issue or mood swing with at least one of them.  What are the odds that all four wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? We know mama isn’t! The girls will fight over clothes or who is getting dressed faster. Or I will have to tell them 15 time to get dressed and they just look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language or something.

One will wake up singing and I like me some quiet time. Maybe I should get up an hour early so I can have that quiet time,but I like my warm cozy bed remember?  Not happnin’! So I don’t start off snappy, but after the 700th time of repeating myself.  Mama snaps. Oh, she snaps! I hate snapping. I hate snappy people.  Bless it. I become what I don’t want to be. I’d love to be a singing dancing mama in the mornings like my sweet Daddy. I did not inherit this from him.  Bless it.  Anyway, I don’t snap every morning. It is fewer than it used to be. I’m getting better and I give the Lord credit for that one.

Y’all, our hot water heater busted yesterday.  I went to take me a hot shower and there was no hot water. We’ve been having some issues with hot water for a while. We just deal with it and go on about our business. The hot water heater is way under the house and I ain’t going under there. My poor husband is a tall fella and he has some health issues with pain in his knees. It’s hard for a brother to get down there. If we send one of the boys under.(joke) They are clueless to what they are doing to begin with. So, it finally happened.

We had some serious rain the last few days. We ( my husband) thought the flood under the house was due to that. We’ve had issues with it in the past. Nope.  Once my husband could get to the heater he knew. It’s flowing like a little creek down there. Happy as can be. Running off he top of the heater and flowing quite nicely out of a hole on the side of it.

My husband was on vacation last week. He had plenty of time to do repairs. Life doesn’t quite work out around our vacations does it? Bless him.  I wish I were handy and weren’t afraid of snakes or spiders or whatever creature may be down there. I’d fix it if I could. Girlfriend will hand you some tools if you need them. It’s all you buddy! I am thankful for a handy husband though.  I have been blessed. The man can do anything. I mean anything! He gets it from his Daddy. I hope my boys pick this up too.  They will have some happy wives for sure. Lets don’t talk about that right now. I’m not ready to face that my boys will one day be grown.  Enough of all that.

So, needless to say we have no water right now. My husband is back at work and unable to fix it until he gets off.  He went and got us loads of water to fill the toilets and get us through the day.  He’s so good to us.

The morning went quite smooth despite we had no water. The kids didn’t seem to mind at all.  Daddy turned the water on long enough so they could brush their teeth without trying to coax them to do it with bottled water. They aren’t ready for all that.  We just didn’t have time to walk them through it before school. My husband knew I couldn’t handle such in the mornings. Bless him. He needs a lot of blessings dealing with all of us.

Kids got ready, no arguments really. A little slow tying of the shoes for one of the girls. Nothing major. Hallelujah! Out the door we go. On time. I have no water and I really don’t care. How is that? It’s kind of odd for me to not really be bothered by it.  Thankfully we have the money for a new heater.  That is the Lord too.  It’s not typical of us to have a little extra, but He saw to it that we did this time. He knew this would happen.  I love Him!  Thank You Lord for going before us and preparing us for what is in store.  I can’t praise or thank You enough!

I’m truckin to school and we start jamming to some tunes.  I’m trying to get them in a good mood. I am in an unusually good mood for a morning. Hallelujah again!!  If you think You have to be listening to a sermon or a christian song to feel the Spirit in you. That’s wrong. We started jamming to Whitney Houston “I wanna dance with somebody” and it was on.  I felt Him in the girls smiles as I tried to get them to dance.  When I was singing “don’t you wanna dance with me Katie, Don’t you wanna dance with me Karlie, Don’t you wanna dance with me Cohen, with somebody who loves me”.  You sang it didn’t you?  Love it!

I thought, is this the Spirit I’m feeling up in here? Yes!! Thank You Jesus!! It was strong. I loved every second of it.  We were only half way to school. I just knew tears were gonna start flowing. Y’all He feels so good doesn’t He?  If you’ve felt Him like that then you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t. I can’t wait until you do. There is nothing that can describe how complete He makes you feel.  It’s a joy. Pure joy.  Only way I know to describe it.

We got in the school line for drop off and lo and behold a good christian song came on.  Mama (and Cohen, he likes it too) was singing her some ” If you’ve got pain, He’s a pain  taker, ( I added an amen) If you feel lost, He’s a way maker (another amen), if you need freedom or saving, He’s a prison-shaking Savior (bless it! amen), If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker”  The kids got out and the tears started flowing.  Y’all this is sooooo true. He is all of this and so much more.

I just had me a good ol time on the way home from taking the kids to school. I love mornings like that. He knows they are extra special to me because mornings aren’t my favorite.  Thank You Lord, You didn’t have to do that. You blessed me so much by just being there.  This kind of Joy can only come from You.  How wonderful it is. Thank You! 

I often wondered how to have joy in trials. James 1:2-3 says we are to count it all joy when we are tempted and troubled. It tries our faith and makes us better people.  I know that no hot water heater isn’t a big trial.  It could be so much worse.  We could be unable to purchase another one. I know that there could be damage from all the water that was standing under the house for so long.  Maybe I shouldn’t count this as a trial or a temptation, but I do. See, when a girl has no hot water to take a shower. A girl ain’t happy.

It’s abnormal for me to be ok with no shower. I need a shower. It’s not normal for me to be at peace that we are spending the money that we had saved on a hot water heater when I need me a new car because the kids are growing and we are running out of room.  It’s abnormal for me to be chill with spending that money when we really need a a bigger home. So our kids don’t have to share rooms anymore. The boys need their own spaces. Teenagers need privacy. Bless it! I’m good though.  Because I know that God is in control.

This feeling inside me that is usually a rollercoaster is at peace and that is not from anything that I have done. It’s something that He has done in me. I get no credit for that.  He put that there.  It’s not  my work.  He did this.  What a gift, ya know?  I’m embracing it.  I’m hanging on to it. I know the devil wants to take it and will weeble his way to steal it.  Lord, I’m hanging on!!   Y’all he can’t take it. It’s not mine. I didn’t do it. I have no part in putting that peace were chaos once was.

I have noticed that it grows though. It started off with a little peace and with each and every problem or stress or trial. It just keeps growing. I’m thankful for it.  I love the calm feeling He gives me.  I’m not gonna worry about when its gonna leave. I”m just gonna stay here with Him.

I hope you can feel His peace too.  It may only stick with you a few minutes. Just hang on to it.  It will come back. It will grow.  Stay with Him. He will put it in places you never expected.  Like when your hot water heater busts and you wake up with four kids and no water.  When you just know it’s gonna be a rough morning and you prepare for it.  He starts dancing with You to Whitney Houston.  Then He reminds you of the chains He’s broken and all that He is able to do.  You just get overloaded with joy.  It will happen. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep trusting and praying.  Keep getting up when you fall down. Lord knows I fall all the time. Keep believing even when you don’t understand how joy comes in the messes. It does.

It’s not a tragedy that I found joy in. Its just a bump in the road. Those bumps mess me up. I don’t know about you. They really do.  They feel like more than bump. they feel like a straight up car crash sometimes.  So,I’m rejoicing over this joy in the no water situation.  I know He will give me more when it’s time.  He will give it to you too.  Just keep going. He will dance with you too.  When you least expect it.


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