Doing The Right Thing (Psalm 82)

This Psalm is short and sweet. It gets straight to the point. Which is basically to do what is right. Period.  It isn’t as easy as it seems.  I wish we could just know in certain circumstances what is right. I’ve stressed and worried myself to death wondering if I was going to make a wrong choice or not. They aren’t always cut and dry like this Psalm seems to be.

God knows that. He knows we get ourselves confused. He knows some of us over analize things and get ourselves mixed up. He knows we act impulsively and don’t think at all sometimes. He knows when we intend to do what is right and choose wrong. He knows when we just don’t care about what’s right and just go for it.  He knows it all. He is King of all kings. He is over all the earth. Nothing can get past Him.(V1) Thank You Lord!

There are two ways to go. The right way and the wrong way.  You can be going the right way and make a wrong choice. There is a difference. Going the wrong way is just that. Wrong.  When it comes to God though, there is no middle ground. It’s His way or the highway. He isn’t mean about it either.  He’s not standing there tapping His foot with His arms crossed waiting on us to just choose Him.  No, He’s lovingly calling us towards Him. Even in our mess ups (the many of them) He still lovingly calls us.

Although this Psalm is speaking of the or towards the magistrates who were corrupt back then, it can also relate to us now.  We still have corruptions in our government and in all things over us. We have corruptions that trickle all the way down to the church.Even in our families. Leaders all around us are not noble Christians. (not all of them) Some of them know better. Some don’t. So Asaph here, is calling out those people.(V2)  We are those people too. We too are leaders of something, somewhere. Whether in a government position, a workplace, even our homes. Somewhere along the line we are leading someone. Asaph asks them how long will they judge unjustly and accept wickedness.  We can also ask ourselves this.

How long will we allow ungodly things to happen around us. We can’t stop the people over us and we shouldn’t try.  We can, however pray for them and the Lord will send the resources to help those we pray for.  We can however change our ways. Which, in turn will affect those we are leading. And the ripple continues on and on.  Our choices to turn from that can change lives. If those over us do not. It is their choice to live with. Not ours.  We can only change ourselves, God will do the rest.

As should higher officials defend the poor, so should we as we can.(V3)  Money talks people. We all know that. We have to get to a place where justice is more valuable than money.  Those who are less fortunate often get looked over and done wrong because someone came along with more resources and took away something they deserved.  Have you been there? Have you witness something like this?  It doesn’t have to be a serious thing. Asaph is speaking to the higher officials here. We too can use this to help us become better people.People like God wants us to be. It can be as simple as a kid who is really wanting some candy that we have and no money to purchase it. We can give them that candy if we want to. But if someone offers us some money for it we are more apt to take that money.  We need it too right?  That poor kid wanted that candy didn’t they? I don’t know where this candy idea came from. It just came to me. I don’t want to limit this verse to candy. I’m just saying that we have all been a part of something unjust.

I’m sure I’ve been guilty along the line of not defending the poor. I’m sure I wasn’t as aware as I should be and not given the needy things I could have. I know that most of us have no control over higher authorities who really do have power to give justice where it belongs, but we just have to use this where we can.  Lord,help me be more aware of when and where I can help the poor and needy. We don’t always know their needs but You do.  Help us see where we can help.  

Verse 3 tells us to deliver the poor and needy. To rid them out of the hand of the wicked. A lot of us would love to do this for those who need it. Unfortunately, we don’t get to control the justice system.  Thank the Lord for that. I would have us in a hot mess in no time.  My emotions would control it all and we would end up a lot worse than we are.  The Lord put them there for a reason. There have always been corrupt officials. There always will be.  More than that, there are good, Christian officials who make a difference in the world. Who do fight for what is right and just. By right and just I mean what is Biblically right. Not what we “think” is right.  There is a big difference. We may feel like it’s right, but if it isn’t in Scripture we need to be careful what we fight for.

Like the people around us who aren’t saved, the ones who are in authority and act unjustly and wickedly to the poor and needy (not just in physical things but spiritual and emotional as well) they are lost. (V4) They don’t know just how off track they are.  We have been there. There may not be literal lives in our hands that need justice in something, but someone was watching us when we were lost too.  They dont’ know just how dark they are. How dark it’s gonna be when they get where they are headed.  They dont’ know what that Light is that keeps us going . They are clueless to their destructions.  If they seem like they don’t really care. It’s probably because they don’t. They dont’ know they are supposed to.  They haven’t had that taste of Jesus to show them.  Lord, only You can help these people. Let us be lights to show them a glimpse of who You are.  

Asaph tells these people that people look up to them.(V6 They trust in them. We too look up to those in higher authority.  We look for their leadership to take us to better places.  To get us justice when we need it. Where we need it.  People are also looking up to us to lead them.

Ultimately, the higher officials and those who follow our lead are all children of God.(V6) We are all the same. We were born the same and we will die the same no matter our position (V7) We are responsable for those under us. For leading them in the right direction. For fighting for what is right for them.  In showing them mostly that God is in control and will be the ultimate Judge. (V8)

God will show us how to lead others. He is aware of the wicked and corrupt ones who are holding a leadership role.  He knows every thought that they have. He also knows if we have been wronged and have been treated unjustly.  He will make it right.  He will take care of every single need that we have.  They will be judged for what they have done. So will we. We have to pray for them That God will change them inside and they can influence others who are over them. That is how it works.  We can’t get stuck seeking justice on our own or in desperation lose focus that we are leading others and showing them who God is.  We have to start with ourselves and let God do the rest.

Lord, I’m thankful that You are the ultimate Judge. I’m thankful for those who hold a higher position over me who have chosen to follow You.  They are few and far between it seems, but they are there. We lift them up to continue to serve You in their position.  We pray for those who don’t know you. Who treat others unjustly. The are lost and unaware of the damage they cause by their actions.  We pray for their souls. That You save them. That You change them as You have changed us. That their actions can show others who You are as well.  God we fail You daily. Forgive us for our failures as we lead others in this world to You.  It is easy to forget in this world that our duty to You is to just show others who You are through our actions.  Help us to better serve You.  Help us to lead others as You lead us. We know that You will never lead us wrong.  We can trust in where You take us .  I pray for those who I am leading. And those I’m not even aware of who are watching me. I do not want to lead them wrong in any way.  I want to be an example of who You are.  I want them to become even better than I am so they can lead better and more efficiently than I.  Let them see that when I fail, You are still there and are much bigger than any failure.  We are all learning. Help us be patient with each other and know that You are in full control.  We thank You and love You.

In Jesus name,amen





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