Standing Still (Psalm 80)

I didn’t get to do my normal study time this morning and I didn’t write over the weekend. I missed it. i’ve gotten in a routine of meeting with the Lord and I miss it when things are off schedule. Gosh, it doesn’t feel good. It felt really good to just sit here on my bed and pray. I can’t pray like I normally would. My kids are all (loudly)doing homework. My dog is whining(loudly) because he wants to go out and play. It’s raining like crazy out there. So the few moments I’ve had with Him just now have been great. I miss Him. I know He misses me too. He’s so good y’all! It’s almost like a warm hug when I get back with Him after missing our time together each morning. Now it’s almost 4 PM and my heart has been needing this, but interruptions(loud ones) keep happening and that peace doesn’t last long. I’m working on it. I really am. With His help of course.

In Psalm 80 my Bible titles this Psalm A Prayer for Restoration. That sounds good huh? Restoration can fit many situations can’t i? Our souls need restoration quite often. I know mine is screaming for some right about now. Nothing has happened but the business of the day. Kids being kids.Dogs being dogs. Husbands being husbands, leaves me feeling a little frazzled every now and then. Okay, a lot of the time. Progress is the goal! So, I just need to take this frazzled mess to the Lord and let Asaph lead the way here. Israel needed the restoration, but so do I. What about you? Where is the place you need restoration?

Asaph starts out by asking God to listen to Him. He is our Shepherd.(V1)We need one don’t we? This world is really big and loud. Distraction happens way too easily and before we know it we have turned a path and didn’t really know it. Thankfully He is always there to lead and guide us. I get all stuck in my head or my attention is held by some chaos going on around me and I’ve wandered away from Him and I can’t find my own way back. I don’t even know how I got there to begin with. He leads us with His strength.(V2-3) Thank You God for always leading me. For seeking me when I get lost.

Asaph asks God how long He will be angry with His people.(V4) They did a lot of things that were against God. They knew better but did it anyway. We have too haven’t we? We too have chosen that wrong choice knowing that it wasn’t pleasing to God. He had every right to be angry with them. Us too.

He let them suffer. He was just to do so, right? So when we disobey Him,we suffer too. I’m not saying that all of our suffering comes from sin. I am saying that we bring or have brought on a lot of suffering that was unnecessary due to our choices. So, when Asaph tells God that His people have been fed with bread of tears, and they have many tears to drink.(V5)I believe they suffered. I cry. I’m a hormonal mess at times,but tears of suffering are a lot different than tears from watching a sad commercial on tv. Yes, I have cried at commercials!

Not only does suffering happen, we end up having conflict with other people around us. When we are in our sin, someone is going to rub us the wrong way and It’s on! People get all up in our business and we can’t have that can we? So, like God’s people here, we strife with our neighbors (V6) We need God to save us from this mess. We just can’t do it alone. (V7)

Verse 8 relates to what God has done for me. For you too, if You asked Him to be Your Savior and live in your heart for eternity. He gave me Jesus. He planted a seed and He cast out the sin in my heart. He made room for Himself there. His Word takes root in my heart and it fills my soul. (V9) Good things come from Him and His work in me. (V10) He reaches others far beyond measure by just being who He is.(V11)

But like verse 12 speaks of. It doesn’t always stay so beautiful huh? We mess up. So,God has to start plucking at that tree from which grew of the seed He planted. He has to prune it. Pruning isn’t always a pretty thing. It sometimes looks ruined or like it’s just been through way too much and recovery is unlikely. What once was a big ,beautiful sprouting tree, now looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree waiting on a good wind to blow and it’s over with. He can only save us from here too. (V13-17)

Only turning back to God will keep us from that wind that takes us out. We have to seek Him. In those tears he lets flow because of our choices. Of that mess we made for ourselves. From those people who are always all up in our business trying to start some drama. From withering like that Charlie Brown tree. He is the way. He is what gets us out of this mess. He never wanted us to suffer to begin with. He doesn’t want us to beat ourselves up for not listening either. He wants us to just listen next time. To choose to follow Him instead of our own selves. In doing that He can replenish us with whatever it is that we need and more.

Lord, Thank You for Your Word that we can relate to. The comfort of knowing others before us have felt the same way as we have. We know that You were there with them. We know that You are here with us. Lord,we stray. We don’t want to stray from You anymore. We don’t want to go our own way. It leads us to pain and sorrow. We know that is not from You. We want all that You have for us. Help us give over the things that hinder our walk with You. Help us turn back to You for restoration.

Be with each person reading this. You know exactly where they need to be restored. I pray You touch their lives as they walk closer and closer to You. Thank You for restoring me the way that You do. You are more wonderful that words can express! I thank You for working in my life. We praise You Lord, for all that You do.

In Jesus name,amen


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