After All That God Has Done For Us (Psalm 78)

I looked at this Psalm this morning and noticed that it was a long one. If I’m being honest, at first glace it was a bit overwhelming. I didn’t know if I was going to write about it or not. I wondered how long it would take me. It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your mind in just a few seconds.

It puts all that had happened to the Israelites in the wilderness into one. It hits pretty hard. It left me feeling sad. It makes you want to smack some sense into the Israelites and say “open your eyes crazy, don’t you see what God has done for you”? Then conviction hits and I realize,we do that too don’t we? Bless it!

Asaph starts the Psalm off by telling us that we’ve already known.We’ve heard the stories. Our fathers have told them to us. So we wouldn’t rebel against God. To show us His goodness. To tell our children about them, so they won’t be like us and rebel against God. So they will remember all that God has done for them and for all those before us and keep on keeping on for God. (V 1-8)

So in battle when we are to stand with our armor on (Ephesians 6:11), we don’t turn back and run. (V9) We are to be obedient,even when it’s scary.(V 10-12) Let me just say that it is scary sometimes, but it is so worth it.

We have to remember what He’s done before and what He will do again for us who trust in Him. Easier said than done, I know! He divided a sea! A whole sea! Waters heaping on the sides so the Israelites could walk through on land.(V 13) What?! That is some mighty power!

He led them by a cloud in the day time and by a fire at night(V14). Wasn’t that nice of Him? If you were lost and wandering in the wildreness and God appeared by a cloud and fire, I’d like to think I’d not just walk behind that cloud, I’d dance behind it on my merry little way. But (organ of doome playing)I’m afraid He has led me, not by cloud but by other resources and I did not follow. Forgive me Lord, I did it too!

He also gave them water to drink out of a rock.(V 15) Because they were all whiney and complaining they were thirsty. Like hello!! God is in front of your ungrateful tail and you wanna complain that you are thirsty. What is wrong with y’all? He made streams and waters to run like rivers out of the rocks too. (V 16) They continjed to sin and provoke God. (V 17) Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves .But guess what? Us too! Conviction! God has blessed me too, and I complain and want more. I kept doing whatever I wated despite what He had done for me. I’m sorry Lord, I too have done this.

Not only did they want water to drink, they were hungry! V (18-19). Asking God if he could provide more since He’s done these other wonders. (V 20)Who do you think you are people? They couldn’t find something out there! I’ve seen on those survival shows on tv that there are all kinds of grass and weeds that you can eat. They could have gotten by. But wait! I’m sure I’ve done that too. You know when you really want something. Not need, but want and you tell God. “You did this for me and I thank You, but can You please do this”, I’m ashamed. God, forgive me! Do you believe that God fed them too? He sent manna from heaven to rain down on them and all they had to do was pick it up and eat it.(V 23-25 What?! He probably gave me what I asked for also, and I took it without blinking an eye I’m sure. Told ya this was hard to read. That’s not it. They had the audacity to complain more. It wasn’t enough that He fed them each and every day. They weren’t satisfied with the manna. They wanted meat.(V26-29) I believe I’d have to wrestle me an Isrialite! Are you that dumb? Yes!!! yes we are that dumb. We are never satisfied are we? Lord help me be content with what I have and not always seeking more. Forgive me for all the times I give in to my flesh and desire more and more from You. You give me more than I deserve.

The isrialites kept on sinning, and sometimes so do we. (V 30) No wonder I’ve gotten myself into a mess at ttimes.God gets tired of it. Wouldn’t you? I’ve had someone never be satisfied with what I did for them before. It was never enough. You can only take so much. So, God intervened and brought the wrath down on them. ( V 31-33) He is gonna let us mess up if we don’t listen. That’s what good Daddy’s do. I see now Lord.

Once they were at rock bottom they started looking for Him. (V 34-35)Hand raised! Been there! We remember when there is disaster that God is there.

It says even then, they told Him of His greatness and praised Him. But it was all a lie. (V 36) I don’t doubt they were hurting and needing to be rescued, but talking to God half hearted does us no good does it? (V 37) He deserves all of us. Look at all He has done.

What does God do? He forgives them. (V 38)Can we cry now? It says He was full of compassion. Bless Him! We are so unworthy of His love. He knows we are in the flesh and we fail like it’s going out of style. (V 39)

Even after they provoked Him. They didn’t think of His power as He saved them from their enemy. The sea parting, the rivers turned to blood. Their firstborn dying.The many things He did to prove His power. (V40-51) The same One who led them in the wilderness. Guided and protected them. Took out their enemy and divided the land among them.(V 52-55)

They still tempted God and provoked Him. They worshiped other gods instead.(V 56-58) What in the world people? How in earth does this happen? But oh, how it does! Without thinking we get caught up in the world and put other things before Him. I too am guilty of that before.

As He should have, God had just about enough of all that. They just wouldn’t repent and live for Him. So, He let them live with their choices. It’s not what He wanted.(V 59-67) Its not what He wants for us either. He doesn’t want us to keep turning away. He wants us close.

God ultimately wins. Period. He overtook the enemy and chose one who would follow Him. Sweet David. I don’t know if he really was sweet, but hos words are sweet to my soul. I like me some David. And he too will guide us as He did did those before us. But we can’t keep turning away feom God. Using Him when its convenient. Getting wjat we want from Him and acting like we’re all Christian and junk. It just won’t work.

He knows our hearts. If wenare sincere or not when we arenseeking Him. He doesn’t give up on us. So, let’s seek Him whole heartedly. Lets keep trying and know that in our.wilderness, He provides and He gives us al of our needs. He’s leading us home.


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