Waiting on God to Help (Psalm 77)

I can relate to this Psalm pretty well. When I first started reading the Bible I just couldn’t understand Psalms. They were so confusing to me. I just couldn’t get what it was trying to say. One day I just sat down and got my Strong’s Concordance Bible and started breaking down all the things I didn’t understand. It made much more sense then. The devil didn’t want me to relate to them. He knew I could find some of myself there and it would bring me closer go God. He was wrong.

In Psalm 77 I can feel that Asaph is hurting. Bingo! I bet some of you are hurting too. I hope you aren’t. More than likely you are though. Some kind of hurt. Whether it be your own hurt, or a hurt for someone else. We can all follow Asaph here as he cries out to God. We can also know that God hears us. Just like he did Asaph. (V1)

Sometimes it can feel like he doesn’t hear us, but past experiences and answered prayers prove to us that He does. If you are a new Christian and yet to have experienced this, just hold on. Asaph will teach us what to do when we get low and desperate. Just because someone has been a Christian longer doesn’t mean we don’t need reminding. It’s easy to forget in the pain. Very easy.

We seek God when we are in trouble. When we are trying to fix things on our own. When we have exhausted all of our options. When our souls just can’t find comfort. That’s where we go. (V 2) We realize we need to go to God when we just can’t take anymore. (V 3) Bless Him, God is so patient with us isn’t He? He’s just there patiently waiting for us to call on Him. Watching us run around like a chicken with its head cut off. How I love Him for that! He’s just waiting, arms wide open ready for us to run home. I love it!

Asaph is so troubled he can’t even speak. (V 4) Oh, have I been there too! See, so relatable! When all you can do is cry. Breathing is even hard to do. Back against the wall staring into space. Numb from the pain. I can recall sitting on the floor in the nursery of my twin girls. I couldn’t stand anymore. I don’t remember what happened to get me to that point, but it was bad. I sank to the floor and my back was against the wall and I looked at a picture on the wall of my girls smiling their little beautiful grins. With a message underneath the black and white photo that said “all good and gracious gifts are from above”. I knew they were a gift, but I had no control of their future. My life was falling apart and I couldn’t save one ounce of it. I just remember thinking how sorry I was for what was to come for them. There was no light in that tunnel that day.

I was saved then,but I wasn’t living a Christian life. I wasn’t following God’s purpose or plan. I was praying and I knew that God heard my prayers, I just didn’t have a relationship with God like I do now. He got me through of course and I can look back and see His hand in all of it. Which, like Asaph here, I can look back on and remember what He has already done for me. (V5-6) When I’m hurting all over again and I’m wondering where the Truth is. When I feel like God has forgotten me. When I feel like giving in or giving up.(V 7-9)

I have His Word to help me remember. I have the past to reflect on and know all that He has done.He is full of goodness and mercy.He is patient. He is loving. He has done wonders and I know He is able. (V 10-11)

In our hurts we can meditate. We can really study and apply of all that God has done for others and for us. We can tell others how good He is. Yes, even in pain. (V 12)

God’s way is THE way. No one and nothing is greater than He! (V13)

Let’s tell Him!

God, You are the God that does all the wonders! You have proven Your strength time and time again. (V14) You alone save us! (V15) Even the waters know You.(V16) The clouds rain and thunder roars at Your command. (V17-18) You created all things and just like You led Your people in the wilderness, You lead us and provide for us. (V 19-20) Lord in our pain, let us remember who You are. Help us remember what You have done. Help us continue to trust in You until Your will is done in our lives. Thank You for Your Word to remind us and to guide us when we don’t know what to do. You are the way! We trust in You! Thank You for loving us. We love you!

In Jesus name, Amen.


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