When Good Things Happen to Bad People (Psalm 72)

You know those people. The ones who can do whatever they want, whenever they want and seem to never get consequences. They get life handed to them and they just take it. While we bust our tails to work hard. We try to make the right choices and here we are barely getting through. It’s just not fair right? It’s so frustrating isn’t it?

Here in Psalm 73, Asaph is feeling this very same way. He’s feeling like he’s slipping because envy is setting in.(V 2) He’s watching these people around him prosper. (V 3) To him, nothing can hold them down. They keep trucking in the wrong direction and without a care. (V 4)

He knows how others like him suffer, yet those wicked ones aren’t troubled. They aren’t burdened like other men. (V 5) I’m with ya on that Asaph. I feel you!

They are filled with pride and violence. They have more than they need. (V 7) They are corrupt. (V 8) I want nothing to do with corruption. But, dang if Asaph isn’t right on about some of these people!

He says they speak against the heavens and just keep spreading that junk all over the place. Also not fair! People like that make it hard to put the gospel out there. It spreads like wildfire and we look like the bad guys. But, that’s ok. We know how this story ends. They can question God all they want. (V 11) They do, don’t they? They turn things all around and then that corruption starts. We’re over here trying to react in a Christian manner and strugglin’ at that. Walking the straight and narrow. Needing some food, or gas. Have kids to feed and just lost our job. Sweating bullets to keep the faith. There they are, rolling in it! (V 12)

Asaph was even thinking ” why am I even doing this”? (V 13) Yeah, you know you’ve thought that too. It’s ok! God understands by the way. If you haven’t, I have enough for all of us probably. Bless it! It’s hard to walk the walk ya know?

We think like Asaph too. Thinking and telling others our problems. Burdened down and needing prayer just to get through the day. We get tired. It hurts. It hurts because we just don’t feel like it’s fair. My enemy prospers while I am sinking in despair. Trying to fake it til I make it! It just hurts. ( V16)

So, what does Asaph do? He goes to church.(V 17) Ahhhh…. good ole’ church! Not all of us go to church. But, there is something about church that brings comfort. Puts things in perspective. Lets us know we are not alone. A place we can find the Truth. Here is where Asaph understood some things about those who weren’t choosing God. (V 17)We too can understand. Yes, I suggest finding a Bible teaching church.But,I’m more for having that relationship with God and having some fellow believers to bring you back when you slip and fall. It’s gonna happen!

God will take care of these people who choose wrong and wallow in their blessings. They are gonna fall too. (V 18) Before they know it, they will be consumed with terrors. (V 19) ouch! That does make me feel better though. God is not happy with those people. (V 20)

Our hearts hurt. Our jealousy stirs. Envy sets in. We make foolish choices. We have ignorant thoughts.(V 21)-22)

That’s not what we want. We want( like Asaph) to just be with God. Stick with Him and let Him hold our hand. (V 23)

Lets let Him guide us as only He can. And get us glory bound! (V 23) He is the only One we have to trust in. (V 24)

I love verse 25! It’s a popular one for good reason ” My flesh and my heart may faileth” preach it Asaph!! “But God is the strength of my heart,and my portion for ever”. Can I get an amen on that one?! God is what I need when my flesh and heart fail. Thank You God, for always being there for me!!

God will take care of those other people too. In His own way. (V 27) I’m glad I’m not one of those people. They can roll in their riches and prosper all they ” think” they are. I have me some Jesus!!

Asaph tells us it is good to be close to God.(V 28) Amen to that! Lets keep trusting in Him and telling others all that He has done despite our struggles. (V 28)Lets keep our eyes on Jesus and let those other people wonder what it is that we have (even in our misery) that they just can’t get without God! I’m so glad I have Him!


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