He Will Make Things Better (Psalm 72:12-14)

As I read the Psalm I was going to study this morning I kept relating back to a few verses rather than relating to the whole Psalm. I’m understanding that this Psalm is directed towards both  God and Solomon. As Solomon was going to be king, David is giving him wisdom that he has learned and ultimately that wisdom is God.

Like David explains to Solomon that God is the true King here. God is the One who will rule hearts and nations. God is the One who makes the final decisions. The One who sets things in  motion. The One who provides rain for the land. He is the ruler of the earth.

I’m so glad that He still is! It states in verses 12-14 that God will deliver the needy. (V12) There are so many in need. We don’t see them everyday. I’m sure there are ones who we wouldn’t even know are needy around us.  I’m glad that God knows their needs. Personally, I’m emotionally needy. I am blessed far beyond measure with “things”. I have a roof over my head. I have clothes. I have shoes. I have warmth in the cold and cool in the hot.  But I’m highly empathetic and receptive to others feelings. So, I feel a lot of emotions other than my own on a daily basis.  It gets overwhelming and God is helping me with my needs as He helps you with whatever it is that you need.  Most of all His promise is to help those who are much more needy in all things. So, just know that whatever it is that you need. God will see that you have the things that you need. He loves us too much to let us go without the things we need. Even when what we need isn’t always what we want. That is for a different day!

He helps the poor. I see this as a wealth issue,but also a spiritual poorness. I know what that feels like. To be weak in spirit. He restores that weakness in us. He is the only One who can.

It also says that He will help those who have no helper.(V 12)  I am so blessed to have helpers. My family is a huge support system for me . I would have been in a really bad place had they not been there to help me at my lowest state and whenever I call on them. Others aren’t that fortunate.  I admire them. I admire how strong they are. Self made men and women. I know that God is there all along, but digging through life with all these difficulties and doing it all alone is some serious business. God is their helper. He is our helper.

David says that God will redeem their soul from deceit and violence. (V 13). I’ve known some deceitful people. Even violent ones. I don’t think they started out that way. I think their choices led them there. Each and every choice they took that was against God took them deeper and deeper.  It changes them inside and out. It’s hard to watch someone you love turn the wrong way. No matter what you say or do, they just keep choosing that wrong path.  Only God can change them. What a change it is though!!! Have you ever known someone whose soul has completely changed?  Who was into drugs or alcohol, which made them lie, cheat, steal and only God knows what else?! I think its wonderful to see a soul changed like that. Not only do they have to change their ways, but the forgiveness shows all over them.  They don’t like what they’ve done,but they know God loves them anyway and it shows.  I love that. We need more of that in the world.  Now He see’s them as His precious children. (V13) How awesome is that!!  From chains to freedom. That’s what it’s all about.

It doesn’t happen over night. I can’ say I’m deceitful. I don’t have a deceitful bone in my body, but I’m sure I’ve unintentionally hurt someone or said something in anger that wasn’t to lift them up. But, I’ve had chains of my own that have been broken. He broke those chains and is slowly changing me too.  In that change, I am able to see more of the change in others. It’s a beautiful thing.

My prayer is that He is changing you too. Into whatever it is that He created you to be.  One obedient step at a time we are all changing. I can only give God the glory for it all!

He will make things better!


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