We Need to be Rescued from Our Enemies (Psalm 69)

I’ve been there.  A lot!  Just because I’m writing this does not mean I am exempt from those feelings and attacks from the enemy. He comes at me with everything he has and uses every resource possible to defeat me, but God tells me that No weapon against me will prosper (Isiah 54:17) And yes, I had to google that, and then reference back to my bible to make sure that google gave me the correct verse. I’m telling you that I’m a work in progress. Not that I know my stuff.  I do feel my stuff however and that is why I am writing this. Because we are all under attack.

If I can help one person see that they aren’t alone in this battle, then it will all be worth it, right?  So lets dig in to this Psalm with David. As I read over the psalms, I can so relate to David and all his emotions. I’m all over the place and from the looks of it; David was too!

From the jump start, David is straight asking for help. The man was desperate (verse 1.) Thank you! I’m not the only one!

He says, “for the waters are come into my soul”. Dude is drowning. Hello!! I’m relived already, and we all know God loved Him some David. So, feeling like we are completely overwhelmed and sinking into our abyss is a completely normal emotion.  Ok.  Doesn’t that seem to help some?   Just to know that David and all that he did and in all his faith he got desperate too?  And he cries out to the Lord!  That’s the key here.   No one else can help us when we are sinking in despair. Whether we are knee deep in sin, knocked down by depression or anxiety, or just plain tired and you too feel like waters are filling your soul. We can call out “Jesus, I’m drowning”.

Verse 2 is a continuance of that drowning.  Not only is the water filling David’s soul. He is sinking. He can no longer stand. His waters are deep, and he is overflown by floods.  Me too David. Me too! I can get down with David y’all!  I can so feel David here!

Verse 3 shows how weary David is getting.  We know he loves God. We know he has faith like no other. I too know my God is good. I know He loves me and is for me.  I know He has plans for my future. I know if I trust in Him, He will work things out for good, but I get weary too.

When it seems like people are after you for no reason. Or things are going well and then, BOOM! Chaos comes from nowhere and it takes you over. You didn’t even see it coming.  They seem to outnumber the good things and here comes another wave to take you out under? David too! (v 4)

I’m a low down rotten sinner and on my best days I can never be good enough for God to love me like He does.  I’m sure that when I am admitting my sins to Him that I leave things out that I’m not even aware of. But He knows my heart. He will bring it to my awareness eventually. David here, tells God that his sins are known as well. He knows that God knows all about him.  (V5)

You know that feeling that you have when you are on fire for God and you just want everyone to know what He’s done for you? Your life has produced fruit and all the glory is His and you are trying your best to be the salt of the earth and show others who He is? Then you are sucked in by the current of this drowning and you feel like all the other stuff is irrelevant now because you really don’t know what happened or how ya got here. Yesterday you were all about some Jesus and today you are calling out for rescue? Yeah me too! I never want to lead anyone the wrong way. I honestly want people to know what God has done for me and in me. What He can do for them and in them.  I do not go door to door as maybe I should to tell the gospel.  But if you sit down with me and we can get honest with each other. Get completely raw and real and ugly. I can get all over that. (with the Spirit leading of course) I don’t want to hinder anyone’s worship or call to God. Most days I feel like I have no business telling others about God. I had to learn that is one of the ways the enemy is trying to get me not to tells others about God. Honestly. I listen to that ugly sucker way too much.  So, in verse 6 here, David prays to God that he too doesn’t hinder anyone else.

Lord, don’t let me lead anyone wrongly. Don’t let my failures set anyone back.  I don’t want to be the reason they can’t turn to You. 

In V. 7-12 David tells God just how others see him.  How others think of him. Or so how he thinks that they do.  He is ashamed…  Preach David!  He says that his brothers see him as a stranger. I can relate that that. He says his mother’s children see him as an alien.  A foreign thing that they have no idea where it came from or what it is.  How others are doing him wrong and turning against him. David fasted and humbled himself; and even the drunkards made fun of him.  I’m sure I’ve been here.  I’d rather not know what song they sang of me, but whether a drunkard or a drug addict, I tried to do what was right and it was just a joke to them. (Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgive me too, because I wasn’t all that right either. Luke 23:34) So David knows all about that.  You aren’t alone here. Thank you, Lord!

So, we cry out to God. (V 9)

Lord, we are drowning in this mess. Hear us as You heard David crying out to You. In Your time, Your perfect time, not mine (v9). Be merciful to us and hear our cry, save us from this overwhelming feeling of despair.  Don’t let it overcome us.  (v13-16) We know that You are good. You are kind and merciful. Come close to us Lord. We feel desperate for Your help.  Save our soul from this feeling of complete despair. Don’t let the enemy destroy us or take us under.  You know who we,are and You are aware of our troubles. You know our shame and our guilt. How we disobey You in so many ways.  Our hearts break and we are heavy, just like David was in this psalm.  We turn to other things for comfort or pity and we know better, but no one can help us but You. (v20-21). Stop the enemies around us. Stop them from trying to take us over or stop us from our walk with You. (V22-28)  We are weak and poor. Full of sorrow and hurt and we need Your promise of salvation to lift us up.  You are worthy to be praised. Thank You God! We know that praise and thanksgiving please You. We want to so much please you! (V29-31) David tells us here that when we are humble, and we see what he as written, we can be glad in You. Our hearts will live because we seek You, God. Seeking You gives us life. You tell us to see You and we will find You. (Matt 7:7). We know You hear us.  (V 33) We praise you God, for Your work is perfect and we trust in You.  We know You have a place for us and we will dwell with You forever. That our children will inherit this place along with all those who love You. Thank You for loving us and giving us Your Word to help us get through the times we feel so alone.

Thank you for helping me write this. Be with each person who reads it and help us remember to turn to You when the waves overtake us and our enemies attack.  You will always be there, we need only be still and call on Your name.  (Psalm 46:10)

In Jesus Holy Name,


Let’s go swimming!


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