Lord, We Need Your Help (Psalm 71)

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need help at some point or another.  It isn’t quite as hard for me to ask for help as it is others I guess.  That used to not be the case. I remember as a kid on my report cards the teacher would always put in the comments “needs to ask for help”.  If it brought attention to myself, I would rather fail than have attention. School was rough for me, but life is rough too and we need lots of help with life.

As I opened my Bible this morning to continue my normal study the title of this Psalm in  my Bible (My Creative Bible KJV) says “God’s Constant Presence and Help”. This is gonna be a good one.  Don’t we need His presence? I definitely need His help.  If you find yourself needing help then you can continue reading as I relate myself and life to what David has to say here in Psalm 71.

David clearly trust in the Lord. (V1) His faith amazes me. I mean the boy took down a giant (a real life giant) with a rock. If you stop and think about it, that is some serious stuff! David was a little dude to begin with and he’s up against this massive human who is a literal giant. I myself haven’t seen a giant.  The closest thing that I can relate to was on tv. I never saw him in person but I watched some wrestling in my day and I’m sure that Andre the Giant couldnt’ take down Goliath with his mad skills. So David has him some faith and that makes my heart feel joy. That’s really powerful. It is to me anyway.

In verse 2, David is asking God for deliverance and in need of escape. He needs to be rescued. I wrote yesterday about God rescuing us from our enemies.  We need to be rescued daily. Sometimes hourly. We slip, and physically now that I am getting older (not cool by the way) if I fall, recovery will not come as quick as it used to.Spiritual falls hurt too and aren’t easily recovered either.  We need God to keep saving us as David asks of Him again here.

God is our only True thing in this world and beyond. Everything else is not certain. Our marriages can be tight as can be, but we are in the flesh and we all slip and fall. I’m just grateful that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) God is our solid ground, our safety. He saves us from things we don’t even know about. And from the things we do. (V3-4)

God gives us hope. David clearly trusted God from his youth, but we can’t all relate to that with him here.  I grew up in church and have known about God all of my life. I’ve always believed He was real and that Jesus died on the cross for me. I was saved as a teenager, but never followed God until I was near 30 years old. He knew me though and I am so thankful for that.  He’s known me since I was in my mother’s womb. That’s pretty amazing to me. My mama didn’t even know me then. She was just curious of who I would be. He knew me all along. So, He deserves the praise that David gives him for that alone! (V 6-8)   God, You are so good!

David asks God to not forget him or throw him because of his age since or when he is no longer strong. I’m sure David knew better, but I can see how when we feel weak and not as young and vibrant as we used to be (not that I ever was vibrant). We can feel like we can’t do as much for God as we used to.  Especially David. He was serious about God and I love that he failed too. I hate what he did,but it makes me feel better to see how the very ones written about in the Word of God fail too.  (V 9)

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how the devil attacks when he see’s that we are weak in a certain area. He comes at whatever angle he can to get through the tiniest crack and he starts his dirty work. David is older now and he knows the enemy (whether physical or spiritual) are under attack. We need God to take care of that for us. We can not fight it on our own. ( V 10-13)

Hope is the key word in the next verse that stands out to me. I love hope! There is something about it that stirs something in my soul. It’s gotta be the Spirit celebrating that spark of hope in there or something because hope feels really good. I’m all about the underdog coming out on top. I love me some testimonies that blow your mind. Always have.  There is hope, but what we put that hope in is where it matters. God. In this fallen world it is easy to lose hope.  I still have it, although sometimes it can feel very dim and gloomy.  Hope of His rescue, of His plan for our lives. Hope in healing, and love and beauty. Hope in whatever situation we are in. He is worthy to be praised for it!! (V 14-17)

David is eager to show others who God is. How powerful He is. (v 18) He still does that through us.  In all of our rescuing. Our rollercoaster of life. He saves us again and again (V20) and other  people see that. When we aren’t even aware of it.  I have been through some ugly stuff and was once so ashamed of where I was. Not because of the choices I was making (not that I made all the right choices), but because of choices of someone I dearly loved was making that reflected back to me. Now I have a pretty interesting story to tell if ya ask me.  He saved me from it and the story is not over yet (V 21).  Thank You  Jesus for the work You’ve done and are continuing to do in me!!

So lets tell others about what He’s done. How He saves us over and over. How good He is. How there is still hope. Let’s celebrate like David (v 23) and tell Him how good He is for all that He has done.

Lord, You are so good to us. Even when we are in our lowest  place and when we doubt things in our life, You are still good.  You help us in our times of need, even when we don’t call out for You.  You save our souls from the enemy and you destroy those who try to destroy us .(V 24)  You teach us the way we should go(Isiah 48:17). You never leave us or forsake us(Hebrews 13:5). We thank You today for that.  For giving us hope in what feels hopeless. We love You and we Praise You for all that You do.

Thank You for giving me the words to help others. Thank You for helping me like You do.Please help each person reading this. You know their hearts and their needs. Give them the peace that only You can. Show them the way.

In Your Holy Name ,Amen







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