He Will Find You

It’s easy to forget that God isn’t unaware of our situations. He is fully aware of all things. I mean, nothing can happen without His approval. Even the bad things. Just read Job!

People mistreat us. They use and abuse us and we end up broken and disappointed. Especially when its someone we love and trust at one time. Someone who was supposed to be there and help us. A lot of times those are the most damaging times.

People we look up to or believe in hurt us and we are left just wandering around with a bleeding heart not knowing where to turn.

In reading Ezekiel 34 this morning. The same things had happened back then too. God trusted the leaders of Israel to guide and take care of His people and they just didn’t. They used and abused them. They took what they wanted and it didn’t matter to them that people were suffering. This was supposed to be God’s people, and God told Ezekiel to tell them that He would turn against them because of this. (V 1-10)

He also told him to tell them that He, Himself would search his sheep (us) and seek after them. (V 11)

He tells them that just like a shepherd seeks after his sheep that are scattered about, He will seek us too and bring us out of the places we’ve scattered away in dark and cloudy days. (V 12)

You know those days, those ugly days that feel so lonely and lost and broken. Wandering around with that bleeding heart after someone left us wounded. He’s promised to deliver and remove us from those places.

He isn’t unaware that we are there. He knows very well why we are there and who left us like that. He doesn’t intend for us to stay there.

He wants to bless us. To give us good pastures to feed upon (like sheep), to bring comfort and rest. (V14-15)

Our hearts can heal when we rest and accept His comfort. They can stop bleeding and start mending in a healthy place that is meant for us all along.

He says He will seek those that are lost, and those who had been driven away. He knows that loneliness is there. He knows that someone pushed you aside and you feel insignificant. He really does know. He knows you are broken and He wants to heal you. He knows you are tired and sick and weak. He wants to give you strength. (V16)

He just wants us to let Him do it. We wander around thinking we have to do it on our own, but we don’t. He wants to restore us.

That’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus is the place He gathers us to. In Jesus all of these things take place, but when we turn away from Him. We’ll end up lost and bleeding again. But you know what? He still takes us back when we ask Him to pick us back up again.

We all hurt and we are all broken. We’ve all been abused and torn to pieces. And He knows all about it. He doesn’t want us to stay there, so keep going back to Him so He can take you where He’s promised to. To bless you and not to harm you. To heal you. We are safe there and all we have to do is let Him rescue us.