Who Are We To Judge? (Ezekiel 25)

How many times have we heard the saying “Only God can judge me”? Too many to count right? It’s a common phrase around here.

Although it is true in one sence, it is usually a statement that means “don’t tell me what I’m doing is wrong, I do what I want and I don’t want to hear your opinion “. Noone likes to hear they are wrong. I know I don’t. It’s a crappy feeling.

We aren’t to judge people, as in punish them for what they do that is “wrong”. Only God is supposed to do that. That is the Truth of it. He is the only one who should punish each and every one of us for our disobedience. Period.

I’m not one to seek vengeance usually. I like to see justice won, but sometimes we are left wondering of justice will ever come around to those who do wrong to us and all around us. I guess that makes some of us take matters into our own hands and give them a little taste of their own medicine. But is that what we should be doing?

I’m reading Ezekiel right now and it is very symbolic and in depth. It’s hard to understand some of it, but God is patient with me (as always) and gives me clarity when I need it. Today, He showed me that although Israel had turned against Him and He allowed the destruction to come on them, He wasn’t happy with the surrounding people who took joy in their destruction.

That stings a little, cause ya know what? It feels good to know that justice is being served. But, if we are being just as disobedient in rejoicing over their failures, why would we expect God to bless us?

I’ve said my share of “that’s what you get’s”. I may not have done something directly to give it to them, but it felt good to know they hurt for something when they hurt me at one time. That ain’t good!

God doesn’t want this for us. He wants us to lead others to Him. How can we do that when we are bashing and laughing when the same people He loves fail?

The Ammonites celebrated when the temple was destroyed (v 3) No, these weren’t God’s chosen land, but they knew Israel was, and they should have been distraught at their actions. Yet, they rejoiced. God, wasn’t so pleased with their reactions. So, He told them that they would be taken over and destroyed. (V 4-7)

Y’all, this ain’t cool!

Moab declared that Israel was just like the rest of them. They were no better or chosen by God than anyone. (V 8) That’s where the famous quote comes in. No, we can’t judge others in this way, but God can, and He will.

We are supposed to lovingly tell people their sin so their judgment won’t be destructive from the Lord. We don’t want you to hurt and suffer. We know how that feels, and if we seem to be “judging ” you, then we are sorry you can’t see the truth behind it!

If it doesn’t line up with scripture, then we shouldn’t be doing it, so then yes, only God can judge us…and He will! We’re just warning you before it comes.

Maybe some of us go about it the wrong way. Maybe we do it right and people take it the wrong way, but we gotta tell people what God says! How else will they know?

He will judge us for the way we tell you, so leave it there. In His hands! Don’t celebrate when we fall down, and we shouldn’t celebrate when others fall down either.

Edom took matters in their own hands. They took vengeance and greatly offended Judah. Do you take matters into your own hands? Are you “judging” others for their offenses? Or are you letting God handle it?

It’s hard to let God handle it. Especially when it involves my kids. You Mama bears know what I mean!

There is another version of myself that is almost uncontrollable when you wrong one of my kids. I love this version of me, but she scares me sometimes. She’s the polar opposite of me. She’s not timid or afraid that others might “judge”. The Lord showers me with grace in this area. As my girls start middle school, I will be needing so much more of this grace and mercy!

Y’all pray for me..and for them!

Y’all, we can’t take matters in our own hands. We gotta let the hand of God take care of the matter!

Lastly, in this chapter, the Philistines took revenge too. They took vengeance with despiteful hearts, because of hatrid. (V 15). Hate will make us do some shady things!

We can go about praising the Lord (not that the Philistines were, but I’m just saying), and someone do something to make us angry, and we look down on them. Then we have a spot of hate inside of us and it just boils. So, we plan and plot and seek judgment so they will be “punished ” like they deserve.

Bless it! We can’t! We gotta let God take care of it.

“Only God can judge us” is true. In the end, only God will judge us.

That person that we dislike so much, that gets away with murder. Who lives with the “only God can judge” me attitude. Who seems to prosper instead of fail. Let God do the judging.

Warn them, with love and let God do the judging. Keep leading when they accuse you of “judging”. Remember they don’t understand the difference. Pray when you want to punish. And remember, who are we to judge?