I’ll Press On

The children of Israel with the exception of two (Caleb and Joshua) thought they couldn’t take over the land God had promised them, so they complained about God and questioned once again why He even brought them out of Egypt. That He could have just left them there to die. Wondering why God brought them this far to just leave their wives and children as prey. Then decided it would be better to just go back to Egypt and even set a plan to do so (Numbers 14:1-6)

Is this where we are? Are some of us doubting His promises? Our land is looking pretty messed up right now and to some even hopeless. Are you believing that it is? Or are you the exception? This virus looks pretty bad and our worlds have been rocked by it. Are we questioning God? Are we questioning His power or plan for us? Are we hopeless and finding it bette to just go back to where we were before trusting Him? Have some of us actually started doing just that? Do you feel like He has taken you this far to abandon you? I hope not!

Like Moses, I’m gonna tell you that He is good.(numbers 14:7-9) What He has promised us He will see it through. He will Keep His promises to us, but not if we are turning against Him. He is with us. He will provide for us despite what things look like from our perception. We don’t have to be afraid.

Will you believe that? Or will you have completely turned like the children of Israel? (Numbers 14:10)

What do we do? Well, for those of us who know we are trusting in Him; we pray. (Numbers 14:19) We pray and we let God take care of it. We allow Him to prepare us for His plan and we keep trusting Him, regardless of whats going on in the world around us. We allow Him to prepare us for his plan. We decide to trust Him. This virus is no accident. He has always known about it. Either we trust Him and keep our eyes on Him, or we turn against Him and be like the children of Israel.

I’m gonna press on.